Crescent Wiss Utility Shears Review 

There are a slew of Shears under the Crescent umbrella, all designed to tailor to specific users and applications.

Crescent High Leverage Tradesmen Shears Best for the Jack of all trades - great for a variety of materials! 

Features- -High Leverage Design -Serrated Edge -Quick Release Latch -Full Metal Core 

Heavy Duty Tradesmen Shears  Ideal when fine finish is needed! 

Features- -Titanium Coated Blades -Knife Edge for clean finish  -Offset handle for maneuverability  -Touchpoint material on handle for grip

Crescent 6-Inch Electricians Shears Ideal for Electricians and technicians or where cutting in limited spaces is needed. 

Features-  -Serrated Bottom Edge for material grip -Integrated wire strippers -Cutter on blades for cutting though cables  -Grip zone for ideal handling