Five Tools You Need to DIY

I get asked all the time what tools you need to get started with DIY projects! 

Here are five tools I recommend!  I partnered with HART Tools on this blog, these are great tools to get you started for under $200 dollars! 

Drill and Impact driver set

There are few tools you will use as often as a Drill and Impact Driver. For most any homeowner or those who aspire to DIY- this is a great place to start!

Circular Saw

Circular saws are another must to snag. The ultimate in portability and ease of use, you'll find a circular saw handy for everything from fences to framing.

jig saw

If you're looking to do anything that requires curved cuts, a jigsaw is a must! Jigsaws are also wildly handy for cutting pic, metal, drywall and even tile- so their uses don't stop with wood!

Miter saw

For folks looking to expand into more carpentry, a miter saw is a must! There is no better tool for cutting precise angles and bevels and you can't beat a well tuned miter saws accuracy!


Rounding out my top five tools is a sander. You'll never find a more useful tool in terms of finish work. If you want to improve your finished builds, a sander is a must!