Hardware Install Tip with T-REX®

Have a lot of hardware to install? Here is a quick and easy way to make it hassle free, prevent shifting and keep perfect spacing ! 

Supplies Needed! -Combination Square -Drill and Bits -T-REX Super Glue Tape® -Scissors  

First- Design your layout!  Here I am installing hooks for a Laundry Storage Room Rack. Design, space mark, and get going!

Cut a small piece of T-REX Super Glue Tape®. Apply to the back of your hooks. 

Peel off backing and apply to your workpiece and apply pressure. 

Drill your pilot holes, and attach your screws! 

Benefits of using T-REX Super Glue Tape ® -Clear Tape -High Stick -Thinner than most Double Sided Tape -Prevents Shifting During Install  - Sticks to most surfaces!