Ready to DIY? Five Tools to Get you Started! 

Ready to Tackle your first DIY Project, but don't know where to start?  Here are Five Tools to start you on your first DIY Build! 

My Picks-  -Drill and Impact Driver Set -Circular Saw -Jigsaw -Miter Saw - Sander  

Drill and Impact!  *Brushless Motors *Lightweight  *Drill has a 24 position Clutch *Impact peaks at 2200 in/lbs of torque! 

Circular Saw *4700 RPMs *6.5 inch blade *50 Degree Bevel  *Compact Design  

Jigsaw *Easy Blade Changes *Best for cutting details or curves *LED light for excellent visibility  *Best Control over blade for new users

Miter Saw *10 Inch Blade *Best overall Accuracy  *Most Versatile  *Great for angles (includes stops for common angles) *Included clamp is awesome! 

Sander * A Must for finishing projects *Cordless Convenience  *Common 5-inch sandpaper size  *Smooth Operation  *Minimal Vibration