SKIL Laser Level Review  Quick Look

Laser Levels were once really costly and reserved for professionals only! Today- lots of options exist for this handy tool, making it affordable and handy for homeowners too! 

Features-  – Green Cross line – 65 foot visibility – Projected measuring marks that are easily adjusted by moving the – 1.4 inch tripod at top and bottom of laser for versatility – Locking mode to display lines at any angle – Rechargeable lithium ion battery

Specs- – Laser Line Accuracy of +/-3/16 inch at 30ft – Self leveling laser

SKIL packed a lot of features into this Laser Level. Green lasers make visibility exceptional regardless of the lighting. 

SKIL equipped this Laser with 360 degree cross lines, as well as graduated markings for enhanced accuracy. 

Two threaded inserts for attachment to included clamp as well as standard tripods.

SKIL included on onboard rechargeable battery for convenience. They also included a case for portability. 

The most important feature is definitely the Self-leveling aspect of the laser. Allowing you to know the laser is maintaining its level without additional adjustments.