Tool Spotlight   Biscuit Joiner

Do you know what a Biscuit Joiner is? 

A Biscuit Joiner is a tool  that utilizes a combination  of fences to accurately  place a slot using a rotating  cutter head.

These slots allow the insertion of biscuits. Biscuits are compressed wood pieces that will slide between two slots and when glue is added to the joint, these biscuits also expand to increase strength.

This handy tool can do a slew of amazing things but it is primarily used for alignment, making it an excellent option for edge joined lumber as we see in Table Tops.

Biscuit joints are ideal where high shear strength isn’t needed.

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Examples of ways to use Biscuit Joints

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Biscuit Joint Benefits

Face Frames On Cabinets

Making Splines- Both Decorative and Structural

Crown Moulding alignment 

Adding Slots for Table Top Mounting Hardware

Less Common but awesome ways I have used Biscuit Joints

Miter Joints on Picture Frame

Dowels  Mortise and Tenon Joints  Pocket Holes

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