How to Fix  A Stuck Lock

Featuring 3-IN-ONE® Lock Dry Lube  

Stuck Locks are common on homes, vehicles and padlocks. They happen  often with weather  changes. They're a hassle,  but we have an easy  solution! 

Benefits of 3-IN-ONE® Lock Dry Lube  *Easy to apply *Mess Free *Penetrates Deeply *Dissolves Buildup  *Safe on all locks and most materials!

How to Apply * Attach Straw *Direct Straw into lock *Spray a short burst into the lock

Joints Extra Stuck?  Spray your key directly, and insert into lock for extra reach!

Effective Easy to apply  Dry Lube works well in the shop too! 

Reasons I love 3-IN-ONE  Dry Lock Lube