Mission Statement 

Tool Girl’s Garage is an informative publication focused on the world of power tools. If you have a question, my goal is to answer it. Here you will find news about upcoming launches, product reviews, and tool information like how to use them and how to maintain them.

I am eager to bring you along in my journey through woodworking and honing skills through trial and error. Stay tuned for projects like furniture builds, home decor, home improvements, and all things DIY.

So, how did I get into Tools?

I was born with a love of all things mechanical and building. Growing up with a Dad who had a passion for restoring engines all the way to building additions on our family home; I was raised with grease under my fingernails and a huge appreciation of how things go together. I was a Girl Scout, with a mom who spent her free time sewing and doing crafts of all sorts. Between seeing tools used my whole life in one way or another and a natural love for working with my hands, I am always looking for new ways to combine the two.

A little more about me

I am born and raised in the great state of Texas. When I am not working on a project or developing my skills I am spending time with my family. My husband, Matt and I bought our dream home on wooded acreage. We are blessed with two children, who enjoy their free time exploring our property and watching me in the shop.

You can also find Sarah on Murder House Flip on the ROKU Channel!

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