EGO and John Deere Partnership

EGO and John Deere Partnership Announced!

What happens when you take the forward-thinking EGO Power Tools and combine them with the classic John Deere? Well, we are about to find out! Keep reading for more details and my take on it in EGO and John Deere Partnership Announced! 


EGO and John Deere Partnership Announced!

EGO and John Deere Partnership

It’s no secret that I love EGO Power Tools- Over the years I have shared a ton of posts on tools like The EGO Z6, which was the first battery-powered zero-turn mower, and is the mower I use today! Recently I have bragged about the power of their Misting Fan  which is nothing short of a lifesaver in this Texas Heat! They are best known for their battery-powered blowers and chainsaws, and they really are worth every ounce of hype they’ve had and more!

Last year, EGO announced their new line of Commercial Equipment at GIE, one of the largest events for heavy equipment and the latest in OPE tools. Their Commercial line has a full gamut of tools aimed purely at the pro user and promises the power and run time that professional landscaping crews need. I posted live from their press event last year! Check that out here!  At the same event, John Deere also displayed a new line of battery-powered tools, like a mower and a UTV, that had a lot of people wondering what else John Deere would have up their sleeves to appeal to users looking to avoid the hassle of gas-powered equipment and evolve with the newer capabilities of battery power. 

My Thoughts

EGO and John Deere Partnership Announced!

With all things considered, this partnership is an absolute win in my eyes! I have a huge love for both brands- the leader in Battery powered OPE in EGO, and the well-loved John Deere, which shines in agriculture and heavy equipment while also having a huge foothold in the professional landscaping market- I can’t imagine what we will see come out of their combined passion and experience! It’s a rare thing to see any two brands like this come together to truly change the trajectory of an industry. With them working together,  I think that will be exactly what comes from this! 

With EGO Commercial being available in John Deere retailers this fall, they open up a huge line of exposure to professional users for their commercial lineup. With so much time and research invested in developing both brands and their future products, I can only imagine that we will all see the EGO tools on more landscaping crews soon too! Plus, imagine if EGO Batteries could power your next tractor or excavator one day! That’s purely my hope, but this partnership is surely a step toward making that possible one day too! 

Press Release

EGO and John Deere Partnership Announced!

Official press release found here – EGO Announces New Partnership with John Deere posted June 28th, 2023

  • Partnership enables EGO branded battery products to be sold through John Deere dealers
  • Chervon and John Deere will collaborate on future product development

NAPERVILLE, Ill., June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Chervon, the parent company of EGO and a leading global player in the Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) and Power Tool industry, today announced a strategic agreement with John Deere, a global leader in innovative and powerful turf equipment. The agreement will allow the brands to provide users with EGO battery-powered lawn care solutions through John Deere dealers. This collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies and further expands the distribution of EGO’s award-winning line of battery-operated OPE through John Deere’s prestigious and robust dealer network.

Launched in 2014, EGO is transforming the OPE industry. EGO is now the largest battery-powered platform and the #1 Rated Brand in battery powered OPE. 

As part of this agreement, EGO’s complete range of mowers, blowers, trimmers, edgers, chainsaws, and snow blowers will be available at John Deere dealers in the United States and Canada starting in the fall of 2023. This collaboration will enable customers to access EGO’s innovative and high-performance products conveniently through John Deere’s extensive network, known for its commitment to excellence and customer service.

“We are thrilled to join forces with John Deere to bring our best-in-class battery platform to even more customers,” said Mike Clancy, CEO at Chervon North America, the parent company of EGO. “This partnership represents a significant milestone in our commitment to revolutionize the outdoor power equipment industry and provide sustainable solutions without compromise to consumers all across North America.”

The availability of EGO’s top-rated products at John Deere dealers starting in fall 2023 marks an exciting new chapter for both companies. Customers can look forward to the convenience of accessing EGO’s battery-powered equipment alongside John Deere’s renowned selection of agricultural and outdoor machinery.

About Chervon and EGO

Chervon, an industry leader in Lithium-Ion Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) and Power Tools, is the parent company of EGO. Its products are sold in more than 100 countries and will continue to be available at Lowe’s, ACE Hardware and Authorized Dealers. Since its launch in 2014, EGO has become the #1 Rated Brand in battery-powered outdoor power equipment, consistently delivering first-to-market innovations and leading product performance. With more than 70 tools on its 56V ARC Lithium platform and growing, EGO will continue to shape the future of the OPE industry. For more information, please visit EGO online at

About John Deere 

Deere & Company ( is a global leader in the delivery of agricultural, turf, construction, and forestry equipment. Deere helps customers push the boundaries of what’s possible in ways that are more productive and sustainable to help life leap forward. Their technology-enabled products, including John Deere Autonomous 8R Tractor, See & Spray™, and E-Power Backhoe are just some of the ways they help meet the world’s increasing need for food, shelter, and infrastructure. Deere & Company also provides financial services through John Deere Financial.

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