Hammer Fist Multi Tool Review

Hammer Fist Multi Tool Review

Review Summary-


  • Versatile multi-tool
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Multi-angle strike plate hammer
  • Non-marring mallet
  • Dual nail pullers
  • Solid yet only weighs 14 ounces
  • Compact for storing anywhere


  • 5”H x 3-1/2”D x 1-5/8”W
  • 14 ounces
  • Bottom, 45 degree, & 90 degree strike plate

The Bottom Line-

Multi Tools like the Hammer Fist fill a unique hole in your arsenal, the kind of tool you didn't know you were missing. Once you have it, you find more than a few odd jobs to use it for, and you question just what you did without it. The Hammer Fist is a great multi-purpose tool to keep in your tool box for the odd spaces, odd tasks, and versatility to tackle several jobs with a single tool.

-Sarah Listi
I love a good multi-purpose tool. Toss one in your tool bag or junk drawer and you will reach for it all the time. Like all tools, they aren’t all created equal, nor can they all tackle the same tasks. Today we’re going to take a look at a new multi-tool on the market in the Hammer Fist Multi Tool Review. 

About the Tool

Hammer fist Multi Tool Review

Hammer Fist Multi Tool Review

Let’s start at the beginning- Hammer Fist was invented/designed/created by Timothy Scott Stuart. Timothy has been designing his whole life- from creating a toy company named Unit Bricks, Inc, which specializes in STEM construction toys, to owning an interior design company called UB Design. He’s designed restaurants and other buildings as well, including indoor playspaces for McDonald’s.

Timothy thought outside the box and designed a hammer with a lower profile that can be used in tight spaces. What you see now in the Hammer Fist is a product born from several revisions, incorporating multiple accessories and additions along the way. The product name itself is derived from the Hammer Fist Strike in martial arts, something I found really interesting given all it can do! 

Let’s dive in on what makes this tool unique!


Standout Features


Hammer Fist Multi Tool Review

This multi-tool is capable of tackling at least seven tasks- so it’s a great addition to any multi-purpose tool user. 


Hammer Fist Multi Tool Review

The strike plate is heavy-duty and allows for hammering at 0-degree, 45-degree, and 90-degree angles. By utilizing its unconventional design, you’re able to maneuver and leverage arm strength in tight quarters.


Hammer Fist Multi Tool Review

Flip it over and it serves as a non-marring mallet.


Hammer Fist Multi Tool Review

The ergonomic grip not only allows for a comfortable feel but also opens the door to a wide range of users who may have difficulty handling a traditional hammer. The unique grip, along with the weight distribution makes it user-friendly when it comes to someone with weaker hand strength or fine motor skills challenges. Such as kids, the elderly, someone struggling with arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.


Hammer Fist Multi Tool Review

If measuring, you can use it as a metric or SAE ruler as well as a 90-degree square.


Hammer Fist Multi Tool Review

Built-in dual nail puller that also serves as a bottle opener. Also built into the strike plate is a hex driver.



Where to Find It 


You can find the Hammer Fist online at Home Depot for $20 or check out the Hammer Fist Website for more retailers as they become available. 



Final Thoughts


Hammer Fist Multi Tool Review

All in all, the Hammer Fist is a very versatile multi-tool that takes advantage of all surfaces to serve a purpose. With its small footprint yet incorporating many tools into one, this should do wonders to reduce clutter in anyone’s drawer or toolbox. With its endless possibilities of use, the Hammer Fist is easy to reach for. 

As a mom of a child with Autism, I specifically found the Hammer Fist fascinating. For a lot of children on the spectrum, fine motor skills can present challenges. Over the years, I have learned so much about the adaptive measures out there to make a variety of tasks less arduous. The Hammer Fist is one of those products that can benefit users learning a new skill that may be struggling with a traditional approach, as well as experienced users that may need to make adjustments to their process. We see adaptations happen in technology often, but I really love seeing the same effort being applied to traditional skills, like home improvement too. 

The Hammer Fist is a great tool to keep around, need to quickly hang a picture, or add nails to a baseboard in a strange corner you can’t easily reach? Hammer Fist can help. It can pull nails, take quick measurements in centimeters and inches, and open a bottle too, or tighten or loosen a screw with the 1/4 inch hex bit holder. The grip is very comfortable to use, and the thumb rests make a huge difference when trying to get an optimum grip and strike power every time. My favorite feature though, is 100% the dual strike faces. I love being able to flip the tool to use a softer face when needed or to stick to the harder, metal-plated face when I need all the force I can get out of every swing. 

For virtually any tool user, homeowner, and jack of all trades, the Hammer Fist is a great addition to your tool chest, offering 7 features in a single tool. Over the last few months, I’ve used the Hammer Fist in a huge range of ways and find it surprisingly capable, and in some cases, far easier to use than the traditional counterpart. Definitely a perfect addition to my everyday tool bag! 



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