DeWalt Cordless Router Review

DeWalt Cordless Router Review

Review Summary-


  • LED Lights
  • Depth Adjustment ring
  • Variable Speed Dial
  • Soft Start Motor
  • Electronic Brake
  • D-shaped Fixed Base
  • Compatible with Compact Plunge Base
  • 1-year limited warranty



  • 1/4-inch Collet
  • 16,000 to 27,000 RPM

The Bottom Line-

DeWalt hit a home run with their new Cordless Router. This addition adds another tool designed for woodworkers and carpenters that performs to DeWalt’s standards. This tool is comfortable, powerful, has excellent depth adjustment, great run time and impeccable build quality. With the DeWalt 20V Lineup being significant as it is, adding more tools like this router to its ranks is a great way to secure the love of DeWalt fans everywhere. All in All, the DeWalt Cordless Router is a winner.

-Sarah Listi

Full Review-


Dewalt is a well-known manufacturer of power tools, with a huge line that caters to professionals of all kinds. One of the reasons I love DeWalt is that they have a significant lineup of professional woodworking and carpentry based tools- which is definitely one of the main categories I use consistently. The launch of their cordless router was a huge deal in 2019, and today we finally get to talk about how it performs. Keep reading for more details in the Dewalt Cordless Router Review.

A Little About the Brand

Dewalt Cordless Router Review

DeWalt has been around a long time, since 1923 when Raymond E DeWalt invented the Radial Arm Saw. Today they are spread into a slew of areas like Concrete and Carpentry, with additions to OPE and Jobsite solutions like radios, coolers and the like. I recently saw that DeWalt will even move into truck bed liners, as well as phone chargers, making them more diverse than ever before.

One of the huge bonuses to DeWalt comes down to their cross-compatibility in their battery lineup. DeWalt offers its 20V, 60V FlexVolt and has added a new line of 12V tools this year too that have made waves in the tool world. Even with all these additions though, I am glad they haven’t left their roots and are still bringing consistent launches to the Carpentry world.

A Little About the Tool

Dewalt Cordless Router Review

Routers of any kind are at the top of my list when it comes to my most used and most versatile tools available today. One of my first major tool purchases was the DeWalt DW1618 2-1/4 HP Router, coupled with its plunge base, it changed my whole view on routers and what you could do with them. Edge details, joinery, trimming, truly there is an endless amount of options where Routers can be used.

What struck me the first time I saw this router at a trade show, was its insane similarity to the larger router I owned and loved from DeWalt, the DW618. Often times compact routers like this one can feel a bit light on the build quality and easily make you question the lifespan. This one though, is full of heavy-duty materials and serious time was spent maximizing features and power. DeWalt knew what they were doing by keeping the same overall quality in a compact router.

Standout Features

Dewalt Cordless Router Review

DeWalt Cordless Router Review1DeWalt Cordless Router Review

First, the DeWalt Cordless Router, Model #DCW600B, runs on the 20V Max battery platform and features a brushless motor with electronic controls.

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Depth Adjustment is easy using the dial for quick and precise depth changes.

DeWalt Cordless Router Review

The locking clamp provides an efficient lock on the router’s depth without being cumbersome when bit changes and adjustments are needed.

DeWalt Cordless Router Review

Variable Speed dial allows you to control the router’s speed based on the application and need.

DeWalt included a soft start mechanism for increased safety during use and preventing damage to a workpiece.

The electric brake on this router is easily one of the best safety features I have seen on a router. Routers can pose significant danger if something catches a bit spinning.  I appreciate the speed at which this router can cease the movement of the bit, and is definitely a huge plus for DeWalt over others I have tried. DeWalt also included a soft start mechanism for increased safety during use and preventing damage to a workpiece.

DeWalt Cordless Router Review

The plastic base is a unique design, combining the benefits of a square base and a round base in one.

DeWalt Cordless Router Review

DeWalt’s router is compatible with standard ¼-inch router bits.

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DeWalt’s Cordless Router is also compatible with its plunge base, Model #DNP612 which adds another element of versatility to this router. This plunge base is incredibly well designed and includes several key features that users will love, the handles, set depth guides and easy to use adjustments.


Dewalt Cordless Router Review

Dewalt prices their tools competitively, with this one coming in at $199.00 for the Bare Tool at Acme Tools.The compact plunge base is also available for $81.99. Acme is great for running killer promotions, so always keep that in mind when shopping. There are a few comparative models, with some coming in a little under the DeWalt by a few dollars. To me, this router is worth the price point with its build quality and overall feature set. DeWalt did a really good job and covering all the bases with this router. Of the cordless routers I have used, I think this one is the one to beat.

My Thoughts

Dewalt Cordless Router Review

DeWalt Cordless Router Review

I have been really impressed with the new launches from DeWalt over the last year in their carpentry category. Their sander, jigsaws, and now this router add an excellent lineup to a woodworkers most used and necessary tools.

I have used this router on woods as hard as pecan and common hardwoods like walnut and maple as well as common materials like pine, plywood, and MDF. There was genuinely nothing it couldn’t handle. I noticed a significant shift in power as you rotate between the speeds, which is excellent as you shift between different materials.

DeWalt Cordless Router Review

One of the first things I noticed about this router when I saw it at shows prior to launch was that it truly felt solid and heavy-duty. It is slightly heavier than some compact routers but very comfortable and well balanced in use with a 5.0 Ah battery. The D shaped base adds another element of good balance as well, with excellent versatility.

Bit changes are fairly standard, with the classic DeWalt bit lock to remove and secure bits. A spot the DeWalt Cordless Router really shines is in its depth adjustment, making it easy to get secure and accurate depth settings with rotating the collar. The electric brake though is a solid addition to an already awesome router, giving extra safety to the user with instant stops. Since it is compatible with their compact plunge base, the #DNP612, you have even more added versatility with an accessory that is well tested and performs exceptionally.

DeWalt Cordless Router Review

Compact Routers have a wide range of applications, and the addition of cordless models offers incredible versatility where it is needed most. The build quality, features, and performance are on par with what a router needs to be. DeWalt did an amazing job delivering on this model and is definitely a welcome addition to my shop!


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