Georgia Pacific in Texas

Georgia-Pacific in Texas

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Georgia-Pacific is a household name here in Texas, and you’ve likely purchased a multitude of products under the GP umbrella. Texas is the home of a significant portion of GP’s production of lumber, plywood and other building materials. I recently had the opportunity to tour a facility in Corrigan, TX to learn more about manufacturing processes, as well as how GP aims to enhance and strengthen the community around it. Read on to learn more about Georgia-Pacific in Texas.


About Georgia-Pacific

Georgia-Pacific in Texas

Georgia Pacific in Texas

Georgia-Pacific is a large company based in Atlanta, GA that manufactures a wide range of household goods like toilet paper, paper towels, and other paper products. As well, they are a leading supplier of construction materials, from Plywood to siding, home wrap products and a wide range of products in between. Georgia-Pacific employs over thirty thousand employees and indirectly employs over three times that amount.

Environmental Impact

Georgia-Pacific in Texas

Georgia Pacific in Texas
Here the bark is removed in the early stages of milling, this will then become recyclable materials for producing steam, or go on to produce other products like mulch.


In total GP has about 200 manufacturing facilities, 12 of which are located right here in Texas. As a whole, Texas is heavy in manufacturing and agriculture so it’s no surprise a lot of importance is placed on environmental standards. The TCEQ is the state’s equivalent of the EPA, essentially the watchdog on how businesses affect the atmosphere as a whole.

Texas is amongst the strictest states regulation wise, but as a resident, this is something we realize is an important part of maintaining our states’ long term health. One thing I was impressed with was the way that GP handles the regulations beyond Texas. Rather than focus on merely meeting designated goals, they focus on reducing those thresholds further. With facilities all over the country, they also translate the same practices from their Texas facilities to others. I think this speaks volumes as to their overall attitude and desire to produce excellent products with minimal environmental impact.

Georgia-Pacific is also well known as one of the world’s largest recyclers, producing numerous products using recycled materials. This specific facility doesn’t see significant waste itself, but the little it does have such as bark removed in the early stages in milling is used to create steam at different points throughout the process, as well as donated or sold to other companies to repurpose for products like mulch and the like.


Economic Impact

Georgia-Pacific in Texas

Georgia Pacific in Texas

With so much of the Texas economic health residing in manufacturing and agriculture, it is no wonder that GP has so much invested in Texas. With a total of 228 Million dollars invested in the facilities of Texas alone, it is a huge priority to keep these facilities running at their absolute best to maximize their productivity.

We all know the economy is centered around money. In order to be a consumer, there has to be an income to purchase goods, which begins with a solid job market. To me, beyond the obvious way that GP stimulates the economy by the sale of goods, they also provide careers that people can grow with. When you create a good place to work, you are doing so much more than stimulating the economy short term, but also providing for long term financial health of the community and employees.

Georgia-Pacific ensures their communities financial health by providing significant recruitment and training initiatives. Part of this is accomplished by their internal training and educational programs to further the careers of both new and current staff. Georgia-Pacific works with several local colleges in Texas to coordinate internship programs for students interested in careers in manufacturing. As well they offer programs for current employees to further their education in preparation for higher-level roles within the company.


Community Impact

Georgia-Pacific in Texas

Georgia Pacific in Texas

Georgia-Pacific spends a lot of time and energy making a difference in their immediate community. In East Texas alone, GP has contributed close to 300 thousand dollars to charitable organizations in the area. Through donations to local schools in both monetary measures such as scoreboards, but also by donating materials for shop classes. Some other notable charitable measures are sponsoring the local Boys and Girl’s Club “power hour” which provides tutoring services to those in need, assisting the local Fire Department in obtaining a new Fire Truck, and things like food drives and the like.


Wrap Up

Georgia-Pacific in Texas

GP is undoubtedly passionate about making a difference in the local communities. Beyond their charitable programs, the earlier mentioned initiatives that provide for job growth and development are exceptional ways the day to day life of their employees and their families are impacted. The measures are taken to bring about positive environmental changes in Texas and beyond are all ways we are ensuring our local communities are preserved. One thing is for sure when I find myself shopping for paper products and building supplies, GP is a brand I am happy to support.


To learn more about GP’s work and programs, visit: .



  1. Hi! I’ve been following you for a while and I love your tool blog posts and reviews. My husband actually works as a millwright at this same mill. He also worked at the Georgia Pacific plywood mill just down the road in Camden. We live about 20 miles from Corrigan, in Chester. Its a great place to work, also one of the only places to work here in our community without driving to a bigger city. We are very grateful to have Georgia Pacific/Koch industries in Polk County. Im also a builder/maker- when i have time to be, I’m a mom and a registered nurse as well. Im wondering if you live locally or are from here?

    Anyway? Thank you for representing strong, independent, creative women (AND TEXAS WOMEN!) with class! Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Helen! This is so amazing to hear! I was so impressed by how GP has set up their mills and the awesome family feel they had for being such a huge company! I honestly was totally nerding out the entire time I was there, so much to absorb in the whole process of making plywood!

      I was born and raised in Houston, still relatively close now too! So grateful for your kind words! We truly do live in such an amazing state! If you ever have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message! I love that there are so many woman makers these days! <3

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