Great Stuff Foam - Applications and Results

Great Stuff Foam – Applications and Results

When looking at ways you can improve your home, small repairs, and any way to improve insulation is a great place to start. As well, if you have issues with pests, moisture, or do any sort of renovations or modifications, the addition of expanding foam can make a world of difference. Thankfully, Great Stuff™ has an entire lineup of foam insulation that can solve a bevy of problems, for both the homeowner and the professional. Let’s run through a few of the products I have used in my home over the last few years with Great Stuff Foam- Applications and Results.

This blog is written as part of a partnership with Great Stuff™. While I am compensated for my time, as always, all opinions are my own.


About the Company

Great Stuff Foam – Applications and Results

Great Stuff Foam - Applications and Results

Great Stuff™ has been around for a long time, odds are you’ve seen their displays throughout most big box stores. Dupont is the parent company of Great Stuff, and is a well-respected leader in building materials. Great Stuff™ has added a slew of new products over the years steadily being added to solve common issues within our homes. With products in the lineup designed for both professionals as well as the DIY-er and average homeowner, Great Stuff™ has something for everyone!

I will talk about a few of my favorite go-to products from Great Stuff™, but be sure to check out their site, as well as your retailers, like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Amazon for additional products!


Product Range

Great Stuff Foam – Applications and Results

Gaps & Cracks

Great Stuff Foam - Applications and Results

Easily the flagship product in the Great Stuff™ lineup is Gaps & Cracks. This multipurpose expanding foam can fill cracks up to an inch wide.  Since it adheres to a variety of substrates, the possibilities for this product are truly endless. I like to add a quick bead of Gaps & Cracks to rafters, ceiling joists, and to exterior studs before adding traditional insulation for a better seal. I find this makes a huge difference in the extreme months here in Texas.


Great Stuff Foam - Applications and Results

Recently, I used Gaps & Cracks in both my garage as well as to seal gaps present in our child playhouse turned chicken coop.

Gaps & Cracks seals and insulate gaps and spaces both indoors and outdoors. Because it is water resistant as well, it really can be a game changer for a variety of tasks! When in doubt, the classic Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks is the way to go!


Window & Door

Great Stuff Foam - Applications and Results

Great Stuff™ Window & Door was one of the most creative products to come to market. In fact, I vividly remember when it did! One of the toughest things that was found in the early foam insulation products was that, while it was still minimally expanding, the potential for shifts of doors and windows was there. Because of how well the product assisted with insulation and reducing drafts, though, it was the perfect solution!

 Great Stuff™ launched their Window & Door foam- a foam that remains flexible after curing. As well, it expands and contracts based on climate conditions to provide the best seal and to resist complications that seasonal movement could cause.

Great Stuff Foam - Applications and Results

I use Window & Door anywhere that is specifically prone to seasonal sensitivities or that has higher variances in temperature. I love this foam when installing windows, doors, attic access doors, trim work, and a million other places. Also, behind baseboards under drywall is a great spot for Window & Door if you find yourself installing new flooring!



Great Stuff Foam - Applications and Results

One of the best and often underutilized uses for expansion foam is definitely preventing pests. Especially if you own an older home, you know that cracks and crevices have a tendency to form throughout the years. What may start as a small crack, has the ability to quickly become critter homes. Especially for things like plumbing, exterior siding repairs, roofing, etc, it can cause a surprising number of openings over the years that are easy to miss and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Great Stuff Foam - Applications and Results

Recently, I used PestBlock on the door jamb on my garage doors. The bottom part had a large gap that formed over the years and unfortunately had created a real issue for pests; carpenter ants specifically. I applied PestBlock to the exterior and interior of this area, creating a physical barrier for these pests. Another one of my favorite places to utilize PestBlock is where framing meets a slab, i.e. the sill plate. This can often be an entry point for pests, so running a small bead of PestBlock in the exterior corner of this joint can make a huge difference!

Great Stuff ™ PestBlock is designed to offer a pesticide-free solution to bug problems by creating a physical barrier between the interior and exterior of your home. PestBlock cures to a gray color and can easily be painted or stained.


Multipurpose Black

Great Stuff Foam - Applications and Results

When we first purchased our home, I quickly realized that having touch-up paint wasn’t something you always had on hand when you needed it. I spent some time filling a lot of interior gaps and cracks, which were largely in the attic and not visible. When I moved the outside of the home though, I was at a loss of how to create a good seal without making it unsightly.

The Multipurpose Black is exactly as it sounds- it’s a multipurpose foam that cures black. This gives you the ability to blend the foam into a surface aesthetically much easier than yellow or orange would. It takes all you love in the Gaps and Cracks but is tinted for one-step repairs. Don’t worry though, you can still paint it, too, so it doesn’t limit you down the line.

I love using the Multipurpose Black on exterior applications like electrical outlets or plumbing penetrations. Once cured and trimmed, the Multipurpose Black foam is almost undetectable and offers a finished look too.


Great Stuff Foam – Applications and Results

Smart Dispenser™

Great Stuff Foam - Applications and Results

There are two methods to apply Great Stuff™ Foam products. For most users, the standard application using their Smart Dispenser™ is perfect. You can conveniently utilize this included dispenser to apply the expanding foam directly from the cans, with control and precision.

 Simply shake the can well, twist on the Smart Dispenser™, and apply. The Smart Dispenser allows you to pivot the can in different directions for ultimate control, as well as allows you to control the amount dispensed via the pressure-sensitive trigger. Don’t need the whole can at once? Simply leave the Smart Dispenser™ Applicator on the can, and within 30 days, you can use the remaining product by removing the foam cured on the tip and restarting.


Pro Dispensing Gun

Great Stuff Foam - Applications and Results

If you’re a contractor or have a larger project you’ll be using Great Stuff™ for, consider utilizing the Pro-Gun for application. Simply shake the can, remove the top cap, twist onto the Pro Dispensing Gun, and you’re ready to apply!

The Pro Dispensing Gun offers the benefits of being able to precisely control the flow from the knob, from 1/8 inch to 3 inches wide. I love this because you use only what you need where you need it, making any post-application cleanup less, and it ensures the best results.

In addition, the extended reach of the Pro Dispensing Gun allows you to get into spots that may otherwise be difficult to reach. Plus, with larger cans available for use with the Pro Dispensing Gun, you’ll be stopping for refills less frequently! To top it off, utilizing the Great Stuff™ Pro Gun is a great way to make applying expanding foam more cost-effective.


Finish and Clean Up

Great Stuff Foam - Applications and Results

Cleaning up expanding foam is super simple. Once your Great Stuff ™ foam is cured, you can trim any excess foam away using a serrated knife or my personal favorite- A Multi-Tool. Great Stuff expanding foam is also sand-able and paintable giving you the option to conceal and blend the foam as much as you’d like.

For some areas, like the attic or around framing, etc.- I often leave the foam as it is to skip additional steps since it isn’t seen by anyone but me. For areas like the exterior of your home or where it’s visible, though, the extra few steps are well worth the effort!  

Cleaning up is simple. For the Pro Gun, running some of the Great Stuff Foam Cleaner through the gun is all that’s needed to rid any excess foam from inside the gun. Cleaning up the outside is super easy too using one of the Great Stuff wipes, or acetone makes quick work of removing residue.

Great Stuff has minimal, if any, dripping, but I would always recommend taking extra steps, especially when working on the interior of a home to prevent unintended messes. If you happen to get foam anywhere you don’t want it, use acetone quickly to remove it before it sets. Always check your surface for compatibility first. For any areas you don’t catch a drop or two right away, I have found allowing the product to fully cure, then gently use a plastic razor blade to remove the bulk of the foam.  I will soak any residual spots with a cleaning product or something like olive oil will usually assist in removing any left behind.


Wrap Up

Great Stuff Foam – Applications and Results

Without a doubt, most every contractor and home renovation specialist will sing the praises of Great Stuff ™ Expanding Foam. I love to hear Homeowners talk about it, too! I reach for Great Stuff™ on almost every repair or renovation I make, and over the years have seen such a difference when I did!

What projects have you all used Great Stuff™ products on? Questions for me? Feel free to leave them below!

Be sure to check out more Great Stuff™, as well as their retailers, like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Amazon for additional products and information!



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