New Bosch 18V Drills

New Bosch 18V Drills

Bosch announces a new addition to their tool lineup, a compact Hammer Drill  and a Drill/Driver Widely known for its CORE battery technology, Bosch has made huge strides in taking that tech and making it more useful than ever. Both large batteries have been announced for use in high demand tools, and compact batteries for tools just like this that are used constantly. Their tools are known for their long life and power, and today we explore new blue tools that just may be the perfect everyday tools. Check out all the details in the New Bosch 18V Drills.

New Bosch 18V Drills Features

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The Drill/Driver (GSR18V-535C) and the Hammer Drill (GSB18V-535) will feature a lightweight and compact footprint, designed for user comfort and maneuverability. The Hammer Drill weighs in at 2.7 pounds, while the Drill/Driver is only 2.5 pounds.

Bosch features an Electronic Brushless Motor on both tools, one of my favorite Bosch features.

These new tools run on the Bosch 18V platform, batteries that perform exceptionally.

The Bluetooth connectivity provides seamless tool information in the Bosch Tool Box App, right to your phone about use, battery life, and other feedback.

A new feature Bosch included in this tool is advanced Kickback Control for enhanced user safety and performance. Additionally, an acceleration sensor has been added to quickly detect rotation and shut the tool down to prevent damage or injury.

Both tools produce up to 535 in-lbs of torque and have two speed settings. Low, 0-600 rpm and High 0-1900 rpm. The Hammer Drill has a no-load BPM of 28,500.

Additionally, both tools have an all-metal chuck to increase durability. Both also have a 20+1 setting chuck to allow users control over the tool to prevent damage to fasteners.


New Bosch 18V Drills My Thoughts

I have always been a huge Bosch fan, and this announcement comes as no surprise. These new Drill/Driver and Hammer Drill additions will provide another level of performance to everyday tools. I love that the Bosch Tool Box App is seen integrated on these tools, as I believe strongly that technology like this can be a game changer on a job site. The Anti-Kickback mechanism as well will make a huge difference in high-torque use and is something I look forward to testing! I think Bosch priced these tools very well for professional users who seek the reliability of Bosch, with new features that advance their uses. Overall, I am eager to see these tools come to market!


New Bosch 18V Drills Additional Details

The Bosch GSB18V-53CN Hammer Drill will be run $149.00 In the US and $179.00 in Canada.

The Bosch GSR18V-535CN Drill/Driver will run $129.00 in the US and $179.00 in Canada.

Find more information on Bosch Tool’s Website. 

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