New Ryobi Tools for Spring 2019

New Ryobi Tools for Spring 2019

You would be remiss to walk into any Home Depot store and not notice the wide variety of power tools Ryobi offers. Today, their 18V lineup expands over 125 different tools with new launches coming at a rapid pace. In this latest round of additions, we have some staple items as well as some specialty tools. Let’s check out the new tools available exclusively at The Home Depot in New Tools from Ryobi Spring 2019.

New Ryobi Tools for Spring 2019 – Lineup

New Ryobi Tools for Spring 2019

RYOBI P263 ONE+ 18V 3/8” Impact Wrench

  • 3/8 in. square anvil with hog ring to easily change sockets
  • Impact Mechanism produces 150 of torque and up to 3,400 impacts per minute (IPM) for variety of heavy-duty applications
  • Powerful motor allows for tightening or loosening various nuts and bolts
  • 3-Speed Selector Switch offers greater control over a wide range of fastening applications
    • Speed 3: for maximum torque (0 – 3,200/min)
    • Speed 2: for controlling driving depth and fastener tension (0 – 2,500/min)
    • Speed 1: for precision fastening (0 – 1,700/min)
  • Tri-Beam LED light increases work area visibility
  • GRIPZONE™ overmold for optimum grip and user comfort
  • Tool weight: 6 lbs.
  • Any 18V ONE+ blue or green tool works with any 18V ONE+ battery

The Ryobi 18V Impact Wrench is available from The Home Depot for $79.00 available in March 2019. Impact Wrenches are an excellent tool for a variety of uses, from Automotive to Construction, their uses are endless.


New Ryobi Tools for Spring 2019

RYOBI P3100 ONE+ 18V Soldering Station

  • Up to 900 degrees F
  • Hybrid technology provides unlimited runtime
  • 3 ft. reach for a variety of applications
  • Onboard tip storage
  • Iron holder for safe and convenient storage
  • LED indicator lets you know when the tip is hot
  • Temperature control allows you to set and maintain the desired temperature
  • Includes a fine point tip, solder coil, and a tip cleaning sponge
  • Works with all ONE+ batteries

The Soldering Station is available for $59.97 from The Home Depot starting in March of 2019. Soldering Tools, in general, are very specific. They are used often in work on electronics or in crafts, and this model will be one users love as it can be run on the 18V battery or a power cord.


New Ryobi Tools for Spring 2019

RYOBI P3105 ONE+ 18V Soldering Pen

  • Up to 900 degrees F
  • LED light indicator lets you know when the tip is hot
  • 3 ft. reach for a variety of applications
  • Iron holder for safe and convenient storage
  • Cordless convenience allows you to take the tool directly to the workspace
  • Works with all ONE+ batteries

Available for $29.97 from The Home Depot starting in March of 2019. This smaller version of the Soldering Station is great for portability and easy storage.


New Ryobi Tools for Spring 2019

RYOBI P317 ONE+ 18V 3/8” Crown Stapler

  • On-board dual screen/wire attachment allows installation that guide staples without penetrating wire or screen.
  • Capability to fasten a wide range of crown staples from 1/4″ – 9/16″
  • Compatible with ARROW T50 staples
  • Knob controls quick depth of drive adjustments through various materials
  • Up to 5,500 staples per charge on a ONE+ 4.0Ah battery (sold separately)
  • Belt clip mounts to right or left side for added convenience
  • New and improved GRIPZONE overmold for optimal grip and user comfort

Available Now for $79.00 from The Home Depot. I have several of Ryobi’s Airstrike Nailers that I love overall. The Crown Stapler adds another valuable tool to the lineup that users will appreciate for things like insulation instalation and has a wide range of uses in crafts and home improvement.


New Ryobi Tools for Spring 2019

RYOBI P460 ONE+ 18V Rotary Tool w/Flex Cable

  • Variable speed up to 34,000 RPM for enhanced performance
  • Integrated key holes for easy storage
  • 33 accessories included for a variety of applications
  • 36 in. flexible shaft pen design for ultimate precision and comfort
  • On-Board accessory storage for convenience while working
  • Universal accessory collet accepts most accessories
  • Rubber feet to reduce slipping
  • Compact pen design with over mold for ultimate comfort
  • Includes: P460 Rotary Tool, 36” Flexible Shaft, 33 Grinding/Cutting/Sanding/Polishing Accessories, Accessory Storage Case and Operators Manual
  • Collet Size: 1/8”
  • RPM: Up to 34,000
  • Tool Weight: 2.65 lbs
  • Battery: 18V

The Ryobi Rotary Tool is available for $69.00 and available in May of 2019. When you think of Rotary Tools, you likely think of Dremel. While there are cordless options available the Ryobi version takes a different spin on battery connection, allowing the shaft to stay light while the base is powered by a battery. I love the potential to keep this tool lightweight, and I am eager to do further testing on this shop staple!

New Ryobi Tools for Spring 2019

RYOBI P3150 ONE+ 18V Heat Gun

  • High temperature of 875° F
  • Reaches operational temperature in less than 10 seconds for increased productivity
  • Deflector nozzle increases productivity for applications such as shrink tubing and pipe thawing
  • Concentrator Nozzle intensifies heat for specific areas
  • LED Work Light illuminates a work space for increased visibility
  • Max Temperature: 875° Farenheight
  • CFM: 6
  • Weight: 1.4lbs

Available in March of 2019 for $99.00 from The Home Depot. Heat Guns have a wide range of uses that homeowners will quickly find very useful. While I would have never imagined the potential of a Heat Gun, I have pulled mine out more times than I can count. Between installing rubberized flashing, attaching vinyl, warming epoxy to remove excess, their uses are endless.


New Ryobi Tools for Spring 2019

RYOBI P4003 ONE+ 18V 50Ft. Drain Auger

  • Quick change replaceable drum & tips
  • Adjustable base for optimum angle
  • Clears drains up to 3 in. wide.
  • On-board storage for tips and foot bulb allows user convenience on the jobsite
  • 50 ft. reinforced cable to minimize kinking
  • Replaceable tips allow users to handle a variety of clogs
  • Pivoting drum for ease of use in any drain
  • Variable speed dial powers through the toughest clogs

Available in April of 2019 for $349.00 from The Home Depot. If you are prone to glogged plumbing, a drain auger is shockingly useful. This tool crosses into the professional trades, and it is one we are eager to see perform as the value would be incredible for plumbers.


New Ryobi Tools for Spring 2019

RYOBI P3410 ONE+ 18V Grease Gun

  • Maximum pressure of 10,000 PSI powers through most clogged grease fittings
  • Max flow rate of 7.5 oz./minute increases work efficiency
  • Onboard LED work-light helps to illuminate the workspace
  • 30 in. flexible hose for accessing hard to reach grease fittings
  • Plunger rod markings allow users to gauge how much grease is left in the tube
  • Convenient onboard hose storage
  • Air bleeder valve quickly primes the pump and reduces air pockets
  • Steel grease tube for maximum durability
  • Lock-on/lock-off trigger helps avoid workplace mess
  • Pumps up to 19 grease cartridges per charge using a P108 LITHIUM+™ Battery (Not included)

The Ryobi 18V Grease Gun is available in May of 2019 for $129.00 from The Home Depot. Grease Guns are a specialty tool, but for users like me, they come in handy with heavy equipment and automotive work. Without a doubt, Ryobi provides exceptional value in this tool and will be one to watch for.

New Ryobi Tools for Spring 2019 – My Thoughts

Ryobi is an impressive brand that regularly surprises me. Ultimately they have a wide range of power tools that most companies never consider. They gear their tools towards the homeowner and the hobbyist looking for exceptional value. Ryobi made some interesting choices with their Drain Auger and Grease Gun but stuck true to their hobbyist tools like Soldering Irons and a Rotary Tool. I know there were several of the new tools I am eager to get my hands on, and a couple I already have. Stay tuned for a full review on the Rotary Tool and The Soldering Station coming soon!

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