Ryobi Cordless Rotary Tool Review - First Look

Ryobi Cordless Rotary Tool Review – First Look

Ryobi is known for its wide range of tools that are not only budget friendly, but usually unique. Being tools that not all manufacturers tend to produce, it gives them a great advantage in the market. The Ryobi Cordless Rotary Tool offers a unique range of features that will stand out, specifically to hobbyists. Let’s dive into the Ryobi Cordless Rotary Tool Review – First Look and see what this new offering from Ryobi is all about.


Ryobi Cordless Rotary Tool Review – First Look – Features

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  • Variable speed up to 34,000 RPM for enhanced performance
  • Integrated key holes for easy storage
  • 33 accessories included for a variety of applications
  • 36 in. flexible shaft pen design for ultimate precision and comfort
  • On-board accessory storage for convenience while working
  • Universal accessory collet accepts most accessories
  • Rubber feet to reduce slipping
  • Compact pen design with over mold for ultimate comfort
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty


Ryobi Cordless Rotary Tool Review – First Look – Value

The Ryobi Cordless Rotary Tool is available from The Home Depot for $89.00 with a 1.5 Ah battery and charger. Since most corded models are fairly close in price, this is an exceptional value. There are very distinct advantages to this model, so it should definitely be a model you consider.


Ryobi Cordless Rotary Tool Review  – First Look – My Thoughts

We will explore the performance of this tool and its features more in our Full Review, but some of the initial standouts are the speed control dial and the onboard accessory organizer. The fact that this tool is cordless is a huge benefit, as well as the flexible shaft, gives you a lightweight natural feel and plenty of room to work. The design of this tool makes it incredibly versatile.

Ryobi Tools has a huge range of One+ powered tools, which is a huge part of why so many homeowners and hobbyists turn to them for their tool needs. I always find Ryobi’s creativity with their tools very well placed. Ultimately they are very in tune with their audience and it is these types of tools that highlight that. I have to say that so far, this may be one of their best ideas yet.

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