SKIL 12V Cordless Inflator Review

SKIL 12V Cordless Inflator Review

Review Summary-


  • Compact Size
  • Easy to set and read desired pressure with the Digital Screen
  • Onboard Storage for adaptor
  • Auto Shut Off for easy operation and reliability


  • 2.91 pounds
  • Max Pressure Set 160 PSI
  • Max Pressure Output- 11 Bars

The Bottom Line-

I would really recommend this tool to virtually everyone. SKIL priced it well, making it accessible to all users too. The SKIL 12V Cordless Inflator saves a slew of time and hassle, skipping the cords and hoses we all dread and keeps it simple with its design. All things considered, this tool is simply amazing.
-Sarah Listi

Full Review-

Skil has brought some really awesome tools to the mix, and as we have seen so far, they focus on bringing high-quality tools with really useful features that don’t ding your wallet too bad. Today we check out a new addition that virtually every person can benefit from. Let’s dive into the SKIL 12V Cordless Inflator Review.

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SKIL 12V Cordless Inflator Review


SKIL 12V Cordless Inflator Review

SKIL has been a huge winner in the pricing category. They have a huge range of tools, all of which are priced competitively. This is available from Amazon for $49.99 for the bare tool. I can’t imagine anyone that wouldn’t benefit from this tool, it’s convenient, portable and does exactly what it is designed to do. A definite win to me!

My Thoughts

SKIL 12V Cordless Inflator Review

SKIL has brought a wide variety of tools that are both creative and insanely useful. Without a doubt, there is stiff competition in the Homeowner and PROsumer categories as manufacturers expand their offerings. What ultimately makes SKIL different is that they truly target the needs of users and find solutions you may not see from other manufacturers in the category. As well, their features are up to par with higher-end tools and higher demands, with brushless motors in most tools, LED lights, compact sizing and some really cool launches in things like lasers, levels, and LDM’s coming. They offer a 12V and a 20V line, for serving variable applications too, something most brands in the category don’t yet offer.

This little tool is handy, versatile and performs exponentially better than I expected. With solid specs, quieter operation than a compressor and all-around convenience, this tool is $50 dollars well spent. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but this tool is one that you just can’t help but be blown away by. Not only could it easily handle my full-size truck tires, but it has been super handy for filling up smaller tires on bikes, wheelbarrows and even some small tools, as well as things like inflating balls and inflatable toys. I really wish I had this in the summer months for inflatable pools- that would have saved so much hassle, noise, and patience that I inevitably ran out of as well as my kids!

This tool is definitely a good buy and one I wish I had sooner!

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