Ultimate Garage Update

The Ultimate Garage Upgrade

Ultimate Garage Update

Does your garage door opener need an update? To say mine were past their peak is a serious understatement. Rather than just stick to the basics, I opted to bring these into the 21st century and add some phenomenal smart home features. Curious? Read on to learn more about The Ultimate Garage Upgrade using Chamberlain Secure View Garage Door Openers.


About the Product-

The Ultimate Garage Upgrade

One of the most used tools in my shop is honestly my garage door opener. As such a huge part of my day-to-day operations for both my business and my family, opening and closing my garage doors happens on a constant basis. We have only lived in this house a few years, but the original systems were still in place, making them over 20 years old.

We live a busy life, so a few things were important to me when getting a new garage door opener. Smart features that would allow me to connect to my system remotely was at the top of my must-haves list. Added security and peace of mind were also things I hoped to gain for both my business and my family. Extra convenience wasn’t something I would scoff at by any means either, and with technology evolving it seemed like a good place to start.

Standout Features-

The Ultimate Garage Upgrade

One of the best features of the Chamberlain Secure View Garage Door Opener is the camera! With a 140-degree field of view on the built-in camera, I can see streaming video of my garage and shop space on my smartphone through the myQ app. This has been amazing, as I often have a lot going on in the shop. Being able to check back in on the garage on the myQ app at any time is such a useful feature! I have had a significant amount of construction happening here, so being able to open and close the door and physically see the material that was delivered has been invaluable during this time.

Even during my normal operations though, I often worry I may have left a tool on, left something unlocked or out of place. I can easily monitor my garage straight from my phone and the Secure View’s built-in camera, so I don’t have to worry. Also, you can hear and speak using the 2-way communication on the myQ app, making it great when remote communication is needed if I need to let someone in even when I’m not home.

From the myQ app, you can easily see your garage and garage door. I use the myQ app as my command center for this important space – not only does it let me open and close my garage door from anywhere, I can also keep track of what’s happening in my garage and easily share and manage access with it. 

Use Amazon? The myQ app also works with Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery. All you have to do is link to Amazon Key in the myQ app and then select Key Delivery at checkout to get packages and groceries delivered directly to your garage. This was a feature that I had no idea I would appreciate as much as I do – it offers so much convenience and saves me time.

So, let’s talk lights! I have several lights mounted in my garage shop, as it’s hard to do much woodworking in the dark. The Chamberlain Secure View Garage Door Opener has some seriously bright LED lights. With motion detection and auto shut-off, they’re super convenient and help me see clearly when I’m working on projects. No looking for a light switch when it’s dark or worrying if you shut off the lights – and never change a light bulb again!

The Ultimate Garage Upgrade

My new Chamberlain Secure View has a built-in battery backup that keeps your garage door functional even when power outages occur. I live in south Texas, and between living in a rural area and having our fair share of hurricanes and severe weather, power outages happen often, so this was a huge bonus for me!

So, with all the awesome technology and features they’ve included in these openers, let’s get to the performance! The Chamberlain Secure View uses a belt-driven motor for a very quiet and smooth operation. It has been phenomenally quiet, another thing I appreciate, since I often work odd hours. Another thing that performs phenomenally is the small laser eyes on the opener that detect blockages. There are visual cues to show when a blockage occurs and works more reliably than any openers I have had in the past.


Product Details:

The Ultimate Garage Upgrade

I have two Garage Door Openers from Chamberlain, the main model #B6753T is a 1-1/4 Hp Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with a built-in camera. The other is a ¾ HP model I have on my smaller door #64613T, which offers all the same smart features as the larger unit minus the built-in camera.

My Experience

The Ultimate Garage Upgrade


I honestly can’t tell you how excited we were to finally have fully functioning garage door openers that do way more than just open our garage. I feel like it’s a sign of age when these are the things you’re getting really excited about in life, but truth be told that excitement is well placed!

Let’s be honest, garage doors openers are easy to overlook, but they’re an important part of the home. Whether you store your cars and garden tools, or a wide range of tools and pricey equipment in your garage, they’re a key aspect to keeping your investments protected. Transforming my garage space to use it more effectively has been a gamechanger.

Personally, I have always encountered issues when I’ve tried to update our home’s tech. Whether it’s a connection issue or glitches, it sometimes makes simple functions more tedious, and I haven’t had the best luck.  Because of this, I was understandably skeptical that the Chamberlain technology would be as reliable as I would need it to be.

Thankfully, all concerns have quickly gone away after a few months of use. Setting up the WIFI connection was a breeze, and the myQ app walks you through virtually every step of set up and use. The app is also well-designed, user-friendly, and intuitive.

The connection between the opener and the myQ app has been remarkable, and over the last few months it has worked flawlessly, whether I was in the garage or hours away from home. I can easily let visitors in if I am running late, assign codes to contractors or staff, and the convenience for my family has been a true transformation.

My favorite aspect of the opener is the flexibility. I can open and see all the activity that’s happening in my garage and control it on the myQ app, but I can also simply use the remotes, the mounted opener, and the external keypad too. Not to mention, I was able to program both of our vehicles to open the doors too!

Running a business from my home has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but I don’t think anything could have made as big of a difference as my Chamberlain Secure View Garage Door Opener has! If you’re looking to add an upgrade to your home that will make a big impact, look no further than Chamberlain!


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