Tool Maintenance with 3-IN-ONE© All-Temp Silicone

Tool Maintenance with 3-IN-ONE® All-Temp Silicone

Lubricant is likely the largest key to the proper functioning of mechanical parts. As someone who spends their life in the shop, I know more than anything how key it is to not only take the step to properly maintain your tools and equipment but to also pick the right formula for the task. One common ingredient in some lubricants is Silicone, and today we explore the best application for the common lubricant in Tool Maintenance with 3-IN-ONE All-Temp Silicone.



Disclosure- This article was written in partnership with 3-IN-ONE® Brand and I have been compensated for my time, however, all opinions are my own.



Tool Maintenance with 3-IN-ONE® All-Temp Silicone

Tool Maintenance with 3-IN-ONE© All-Temp Silicone

One of the most common questions I receive about tool maintenance is how to extend their life and keep them working their best. If there was one thing that I think contributes to shortened tool life and mechanical failure in general, all comes down to lubrication. Tools rely on a lot of moving parts, literally. If anything interrupts those parts moving, whether it’s a blade rotating on an arbor or a pulley being jammed, well things don’t tend to work the way they should.

Now, there are a few different formulas, and they all have their strengths and best applications.

One company I love to turn to for lubricants of varying formulas is the 3-IN-ONE® Brand as they have multiple formulas that all have specific advantages depending on the tool I am treating or the problem I am looking to solve.



Picking the Right Lubricant-

Tool Maintenance with 3-IN-ONE® All-Temp Silicone

Tool Maintenance with 3-IN-ONE© All-Temp Silicone

This is a common, and highly contested question in the tool world. While some swear by a one size fits all formula lubricant, I tend to stick to the idea of different formulas for different applications. So, how do I decide which one is right for the job? Here are a few things I consider-

What material am I lubricating? Metal? Plastic? A Combination? – Silicone shines when mixed materials are present and is shown to be safe on both metal and also plastic, rubber, and vinyl. These are key points when gaskets are potentially involved like often found in woodworking machinery, as well as bearings, valves, and pulleys. Hinges and casters of all kinds are both pieces that also benefit from Silicone with its mixed materials. One caution here is anything load-bearing: I would consider the manufacturer’s recommendation before applying lubricant of any kind.

Is it exposed to any external factors I should consider? Such as sawdust or extreme temperature or other environmental exposure? Any time there is the potential for heat collection is another place I opt to use silicone-based lubricant vs others. As well as being able to tolerate the higher heat before breaking down, it also repels water, so it adds an additional layer of protection to your tools- especially in humid climates or when extended storage is needed. As well, in tools that require more effort to properly reach lubricated areas, I opt for silicone as it tends to last longer than other formulations available. If it is in an area that could collect a lot of sawdust and dirt, I tend to opt for a Dry-Lubricant formula, like this one from 3-IN-ONE Brand, as it doesn’t gather the same type of build up silicone can.

What does the piece do? Is it rotating, or does it rest on a bearing of some sort? Anytime a piece is rotating, specifically where it might contact another surface (think the bearings on a bandsaw, etc.), I always opt for silicone lubricant as well. Belts are also a great place that silicone works well on since it can ensure smooth operation. Since it dries quickly and hardens to provide long-lasting lubrication the risk of transfer to your workpiece is minimized too.



3-IN-ONE All-Temp Silicone

Tool Maintenance with 3-IN-ONE® All-Temp Silicone

Tool Maintenance with 3-IN-ONE© All-Temp Silicone

Key Features of 3-IN-ONE All-Temp Silicone

  • Long-lasting
  • Waterproofs and protects surfaces
  • Safe for a wide range of temperatures- from -100 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Safe for a range of surfaces and materials, making it ideal for mixed material lubrication



Tool Maintenance with 3-IN-ONE© All-Temp Silicone

3-IN-ONE All-Temp Silicone is super easy to apply. And with a few steps, you’re good to go.

  • Simply wipe away any existing debris from the tool parts to be lubricated.
  • Open the spout. 3-IN-ONE Brand designed the spot to open with a quick twist.
  • Apply a few drops to the affected areas. The spout is adjustable to control the flow and allows for precise application.
  • I allow the formula to fully coat the surface, and rotate the piece if necessary, for optimal coverage. Since the 3-IN-ONE All-Temp Silicone dries rapidly, your tool is ready to go within moments.

Wrap Up

Tool Maintenance with 3-IN-ONE All-Temp Silicone

Tool Maintenance with 3-IN-ONE© All-Temp Silicone

While things like Tool Maintenance may not be the most exciting aspect of woodworking, I promise you it is incredibly necessary. There is no doubt that as I started investing in tools and even restoring older shop tools just how easy it is to overlook periodic and routine maintenance.

With multiple formulas to choose from, 3-IN-ONE Brand has a lubricant for every job. While today we focused on their Silicone formulation, don’t overlook their Dry-Lube or their Multi-Purpose Oil, too! Questions? Feel free to ask below and check out the 3-IN-ONE Brand site!

You can find 3-IN-ONE All-Temp Silicone at The Home Depot and a variety of retailers. To find one near you or for more information, please visit 3-IN-ONE online

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