Bosch Cordless Bulldog

Bosch Cordless Bulldog

Bosch is well known for their Rotary Hammer, dubbed the Bosch Bulldog. Today that iconic tool from the big blue gets a cordless update, something professional users have been eager to see on job sites. The GBH18V-26D 18V EC Brushless 1 In. SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer is designed to run on the Bosch 18V Core battery platform. In addition, Bosch launches a cordless dust extractor to complement the bulldog. Let’s dive into the Bosch Cordless Bulldog and see more about what this new tool will offer users.


Bosch Cordless Bulldog Features

Bosch Cordless Bulldog

Weighing in at 5.8 pounds bare tool the Cordless Rotary Hammer delivers 1.9-Ft-LBs of impact energy to power through the toughest jobs.

A brushless motor with electronic control provides optimal performance and battery life.

The GBH18V-26D Rotary Hammer features a 1 inch SDS Plus chuck, to offer performance similar to corded Rotary Hammers.

Kick Back technology increases the safety and comfort of this tool, allowing automatic shut off, important for situations where bind up is likely.

The complementing dust extraction unit, GDE 18V-26D provides another cordless job site solution for offering HEPA dust extraction without concern for cords.

Bare Tool this will retail for $219.00 in the United States and $279.00 in Canada.


Bosch Cordless Bulldog My Thoughts

Completely cordless job sites are quickly becoming a possibility with advances in battery technology. Bosch’s Core 18V batteries are an impressive advancement in the industry, and tools such as the Bulldog have the ability to perform much like their cordless counterparts in a way they never have been able to before. I was able to see this tool at World Of Concrete 2019 and found it had great ergonomics and incredible build quality. We are eager to hear more feedback from users in the field in the coming months, as their combination of cordless dust extraction will make this a great option for a lot of professional users.



Bosch Cordless Bulldog Full Press Release from the Bosch website.

“Bosch GBH18V-26D 18V EC Brushless 1 In. SDS-plus® Bulldog™Rotary Hammer Combines Light Weight, Power and Safety

Cordless rotary hammer weighs in at 5.8 Lbs. and delivers impressive 1.9 Ft.-Lbs. of impact energy to ensure strong performance on the jobsite

Mt. Prospect, Ill., April 9, 2019 – The time is always right to combine cordless performance with power and safety in a jobsite-tough rotary hammer. That’s what Bosch has done with the GBH18V-26D 18V EC Brushless 1 In. SDS-plus® Bulldog™ Rotary Hammer with CORE18V battery, which combines corded-like performance with next-generation Lithium-ion 21700 cell technology.

The Bosch GBH18V-26D rotary hammer weighs 5.8 Lbs. (tool only, not including battery) and delivers 1.9 Ft.-Lbs. of impact energy (EPTA) for superior impact-to-weight ratio and advanced performance in heavy-duty drilling and chipping applications in concrete. The EC Brushless motor maximizes battery runtime for extended applications.

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The GBH18V-26D cordless Bulldog is engineered with Bosch’s KickBack Control technology, which reduces the risk of sudden tool reactions in bit bind-up situations. An integrated acceleration sensor automatically shuts the tool off to help prevent potential user injury.

And this ergonomic Bosch cordless rotary hammer offers a jobsite-proven in-line design. In addition to providing horizontal power transmission for optimized overhead, horizontal and downward drilling applications, the rotary hammer offers a soft-grip handle.

“Users are always looking for a more efficient way to get the job done on the jobsite and what better way than to employ legendary Bulldog performance in a cordless tool,” said Mike Iezzi, product manager, Bosch Power Tools. “This tool is built to give users the kind of performance that they’ve come to expect from their corded tools in concrete, masonry and commercial construction applications.

The Bosch cordless Bulldog rotary hammer is compatible with Bosch PRO+GUARD™ dust solutions, options that provide end-to-end dust collection that helps users move toward OSHA silica dust compliance. The GBH18V-26D is compatible with an optional GDE18V-26D 18V cordless dust-extraction unit, which offers a self-contained HEPA dust solution for maximum mobility.

The Bosch GBH18V-26D Bulldog rotary hammer features a variable-speed reversing trigger for accurate bit starting.

The Bosch CORE18V battery that powers the hammer relies on 21700 cell technology for a lightweight, high-power battery with all-day performance. Bosch exclusive CoolPack 2.0 technology helps to draw heat away from battery, increasing runtime and lifetime. The result is a CORE18V battery with greater power. All Bosch batteries provide cold weather performance to -4°F. Each battery includes a fuel gauge.

Bosch Electronic Cell Protection safeguards the battery against overload, overheating and depth discharge for longer runtime. Likewise, Bosch Electronic Motor Protection shields the motor against overload with integrated temperature management.

To learn more about the Bosch GBH18V-26D EC Brushless 1 In. SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer or to find a local dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99. Check out for additional tips and videos.”


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