DIY Leather Hardware

DIY Leather Hardware

If you’ve ever scoured the pages of design magazines, odds are you’ve seen a bevy of beautiful cabinetry and furniture with hardware that steals the show! One really neat hardware option we’ve seen enter the market has been leather hardware. Like most, I am a huge fan, and couldn’t wait to find a way to knock off the iconic hardware, so let’s hop into DIY Leather Hardware and see how I went about it!

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Why Leather?

DIY Leather Hardware 

DIY Leather Hardware

I am a sucker for the warmth and edge leather can add to any piece. We all know that you can seriously change the entire feeling of a piece of furniture by switching out hardware.  The same can be said for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, switch the hardware and you have a vastly different space!

My son’s furniture needed a serious update. I loved the idea of installing leather hardware here, but the price was a no go for me. So, after looking into a slew of different options, I came up with a way to not only make my own leather hardware, but since I wanted a touch of industrial edge, I went with cool hex head bolts too.


Here is What you Need! 

DIY Leather Hardware 

Supplies Needed

Leather in 1-inch strips. There are a ton of great options for colors too! 

Hex head bolts– you can use a range of options, but I went with these

Tools Needed

Socket and Ratchet Set – I pulled from my GEARWRENCH Set.

Leather Hole Punch – I snagged this from Amazon, but you can skip it and use a drill and a bit too!

Utility Shears- I swear by these from Crescent- you need sharp blades, but they need to be able to cut through leather, so these were great!

Drill with a small Drill Bit ( I used 1/16th inch)


Let’s Get Started!

DIY Leather Hardware 

This is a surprisingly easy project! The first step is to play around with spacing and how I wanted to finish the edge.


DIY Leather Hardware

For these dressers, I wanted 3.5 inches between the holes to mount the hardware, which meant I cut the leather to 6-inch pieces. I went ahead and counted how many handles I would need to make and cut all of the leather using a pair of really sharp Utility Shears.


DIY Leather Hardware

I next added the holes onto the leather ends- about 1 inch from the ends. I did all of them at once. I added a small point on the edge too to add an additional detail. I love to use scrap wood to make templates to save time, plus it keeps the design super useful!

An optional step is finishing the edges. I opted to go ahead and add the Gum Tragacanth to the edges of the cut leather.  I applied a small amount to the edges of the leather using a small paintbrush and allowed it to dry. Most of the time, this product is used prior to brandishing, however, it wasn’t truly necessary on this because the leather was fairly thin. If you’re on the fence, you can always see how the material wears and apply it later!


DIY Leather Hardware

Remove any existing hardware. I used the multi-head screwdriver from this GEARWRENCH set.



DIY Leather Hardware

Drill small pilot holes on your drawer fronts, these don’t need to be large, you want them just to allow for the smooth installation of your fasteners. Without small holes, it’s quite easy to pull one way or the other. This is another great place to use a quick handmade jig! 


DIY Leather Hardware

I used self-tapping hex bolts to fasten the leather. I opted for self-driving hex bolts to make it a bit easier to install, plus I love the look of these when finished! 


DIY Leather Hardware

To install the hex bolts, I used a wrench and a socket to install them faster. I specifically love the 90 tooth ratcheting wrench as it is a breeze to get the bolts to fasten just right. You don’t want the over-tight, but you want a firm grab on the drawer fronts.


Use the Right Tools for the Job!

DIY Leather Hardware 

DIY Leather Hardware

Tools make a huge difference in your work. Whether you’re tackling automotive, plumbing, woodworking, or DIYing with the best of them. Using really good tools will make all of your projects much smoother.

For this project, I reached into my GEARWRENCH 219 PC Mechanics Tool Set. I use this set on basically every project I tackle. With 3 drawers, and the top tray, plus locks and a nifty handle, this set is impressive! I have used and owned several mechanics tools sets over the years but this one is the most complete I have ever encountered. Plus, every single tool in this set is the same GEARWRENCH quality we find in their smaller sets, something that is often scaled-down in larger tool kits.

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The GEARWRENCH 219 Piece Mechanics Tool Set Includes-

SAE and metric 1/4 in. and 3/8 in. standard sockets and 1/4 in. and 3/8 deep sockets and extensions

90-tooth ratcheting wrenches sets in both SAE and Metric

90-tooth teardrop-shaped ratchets, with flush, mounted on-off lever and molded handle

Original Allen brand SAE and metric hex keys

Magnetic bit driver with ergonomic dual material handle

Sockets feature an off-corner loading design to reduce fastener rounding

Socket Bit set including – Hex bit, Torx bit, and E-Torx sockets (rarely seen in toolsets!)

Screwdriver with interchangeable bit set


Wrap Up-

DIY Leather Hardware 

DIY Leather Hardware

In the end, design is all about what you want! Often we see people rush to replace an entire room of furniture when really they just needed a quick refresh! As simple as it may be, something like updating your hardware can make a massive change in your space and often help you fall in love with your furniture all over again! 


DIY Leather Hardware

While I went blue on this specific project, you can go more traditional with deep brown hardware or add a touch of glam by painting the bolts gold. The possibilities are truly endless! As a mom, I wish I would have discovered leather hardware sooner! Especially in areas like a play space, the low maintenance and homey feel is an absolute win! Plus, ever bumped into a sharp corner of a handle? ouch!


DIY Leather Hardware

Are you a fan of leather hardware? Can you see this working in your home?

Love this tutorial? What do you want to see next?


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