EGO Bagger Review

EGO Z6 Bagger Review

Review Summary-


  • Full Bag indicator
  • Quick Install  
  • Double Bagger Bin
  • Mesh Bin
  • Included Counterweights 


  • 6.5 Bushel Capacity 
  • 50.9 Inches High 
  • 70.5 Pounds 
  • Compatible with the 42 Inch Z6 – Model ZT4204L

The Bottom Line-

EGO offers a lot to love with their Bagger. Whether you prefer to mulch, bag, or use a side discharge, EGO has you covered. I have been exceedingly impressed by EGO's Bagger and its ability to quickly gather clippings and leaves, and its easy to empty to boot!

-Sarah Listi

Mulch, bag, or side discharge. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different answer on which is the best method. Regardless, the outdoor power tool industry has you covered! Today we’re taking a look at the EGO Bagger designed to take your EGO Z6 to the next level. Read on to see my thoughts in the EGO Z6 Bagger Review.


About the Tool

EGO Z6 Bagger Review

EGO Bagger Review

As someone who doesn’t enjoy raking and bagging clipping for hours, I am always open to solutions that work! I am a huge fan of the EGO Z6- so I wasn’t sure much could improve my overall impression! I was pleasantly surprised by the addition of the EGO bagger. 

Bagging your lawn clippings has a lot of advantages. Bagging is cleaner, minimizes allergens and pollen from your property as well as helps to prevent fungus or thatch build-up. Often clippings are utilized in composting and can even help reduce weed growth with continued use. 

So we know what’s great about bagging, but how do you go about it? The addition of an onboard bagger is the only way to go, especially if you have anything more than a small lot to maintain. 

Standout Features

EGO Z6 Bagger Review

EGO Bagger Review

The EGO Z6 Bagger utilizes two mesh bins to collect 6.5 bushels of grass clippings. 
The mesh allows for circulation and easy clean-up, something I particularly found useful for humid weather where moisture could cause issues otherwise. 


EGO Bagger Review

EGO designed the Bagger for quick and easy installation, taking about 45 minutes total to assemble and begin to use. 

The Bagger is quick and easy to empty too. Within seconds you can park, empty the bins, re-install and be back to mowing. 


EGO Bagger ReviewThe see-through portion of the deck connection allows you to quickly see if any clogs or debris have accumulated. 


EGO Bagger Review

Included with the EGO Bagger kit, is also a set of mulching blades and a set of counterweights. My largest concern was if the weight of the Bagger would change the ride or speed of the Z6 however I noticed minimal if any difference in the ride of the Z6.  


Where to find it

EGO Z6 Bagger Review

The EGO Z6 Bagger is available from ACE Hardware for $459.00 Or from Amazon for $419.00, As well, you can find it at Acme Tools for $479.00. 


My Thoughts

EGO Z6 Bagger Review

EGO Z6 Bagger Review
I will be honest, in all the years I have tackled our lawn, bagging clippings was something I never really appreciated.  Once we purchased our home with a larger property, my thought process changed a lot. Not only is it great for those heavy growth times, but it’s also amazing during the fall when we get an excess of leaves to clean up too.
One of my concerns was installation. Generally speaking, if something is tedious to do, it’s hard to justify the time saved later for the time spent setting up now. Thankfully, EGO designed the bagger to install super easy- altogether it was a 45 minute process- most of which I spent switching the blades. 

Emptying the bagger is shockingly easy. You open the lid and can dump in seconds, so the design was well executed. I like the mesh bags too- with humidity being a year-round issue here, I was curious if it would gather a smell or possibly be a breeding ground for fungus or mold, but my concerns there were quickly eliminated and after a solid 8 months of use, it hasn’t been an issue at all. 


EGO Z6 Bagger Review

How does the bagger affect the ride? It really doesn’t. If anything the ride is slightly improved because of the weight. The Z6 can speed through mowing like nothing else. so it’s nice to add some weight to it. 

The EGO Bagger is a great option for anyone looking for an easy way to clear leaves and debris from their yard. It takes care of virtually any cleanup job quickly and efficiently. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and transport, making it the perfect choice to add to your lineup!


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