EGO 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

EGO 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

Review Summary-


  • 5-year warranty
  • LED Lights
  • Auto-tensioning system
  • Brushless Motor
  • Automatic oiling system with visible level indicator


  • 11,000 RPM’s
  • 18-inch Oregon Bar and Chain
  • 3/8-inch Chain Pitch
  • 20mps Chain Speed
  • 14.5 pounds

The Bottom Line-

EGO had an impressive Chainsaw Lineup in their 14 and 16-inch models. Now they've taken that DNA and amplified it to create chainsaw that is truly hard to believe. Chock full of power, run time and features that enhance the tool's performance as well as reduce user maintenance. This is without a doubt, the best Chainsaw from EGO so far.

-Sarah Listi

Full Review-

EGO is the powerhouse in the Cordless OPE world. EGO offers not just some of the most impressive features and power, but they manage to do it all on their legendary 56V battery platform. One of their most iconic tools is their 16-inch Chainsaw.  While there is no argument that it is an amazing chainsaw, today we look at the newest generation chainsaw from EGO. Curious how they took their classic and made it better? Read all the details in the EGO 18-INCH Chainsaw Review.


A Little About the Brand

EGO 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

Gas-powered OPE has quickly become a thing of the past, and more and more manufacturers are working to provide options. Battery Powered OPE gives users more convenience without the fumes, maintenance and manages to be significantly quieter too. The leader in battery-powered OPE? Most would agree, it is EGO.

EGO has a solid lineup of tools in their lineup, coming in strong for the homeowners who crave the convenience and ease of battery-powered OPE. They didn’t forget the professionals though, creating more and more offerings that have pros flocking to the brand for the convenience of cordless, with all the power they need.

Detailed Look

EGO 18-INCH Chainsaw Review

EGO 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

EGO starts with their brushless motor, and state of the art 56V battery platform to power this saw. This enables improved power, longer run times and extended tool life.

EGO 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

The 18-inch Bar and Chain is made by Oregon, the market leader in manufacturing.

EGO 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

11000 RPM’s give this chainsaw power you have to see to believe, offering incredibly smooth and clean cuts.

EGO 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

Auto-tensioning System is a first on the market offering simple adjustments to the chain that takes all the guesswork out of the process. This is a significant feature add for EGO, and one all users will love.

EGO 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

LED lights to provide improved visibility on the cut and is particularly useful in emergencies and low light situations.


EGO 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

EGO is a stellar brand among the pack and is without a doubt priced very reasonably considering the features. This chainsaw runs $239.00 for the bare tool or $349 for a kit with a charger and a 5.0 Ah battery at The Home Depot. For users invested in the EGO lineup, the price comes in competitive for the bare tool, and new EGO users will find the kit to be a great place to start their EGO collection.

My Thoughts

EGO 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

EGO 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

Recently I reviewed the 16-inch EGO Chainsaw, a tool I was really impressed with in terms of power and overall performance. Much like my other EGO cutting tools, there was a lot to love about it and I honestly couldn’t imagine it getting much better.  This 18-inch chainsaw though, well it’s a game-changer.

Some of the main additions to the 18-inch that weren’t on the 16 and 14-inch models before starts with the addition of LED lights for assisting visibility in low light situations. I loved this because at times where I live there are emergencies where light can be minimal. While not my normal use of this tool, its good to have the option for the times you can’t plan for.

The Auto Tensioning Feature is a huge addition to EGO’s chainsaw. One of the common issues users encounter on a chainsaw is proper tension, too tight or too loose and you can run into a bevy of issues from poor cutting to damaging the tool itself. This is another nod to convenience and efficiency, as less time is spent making adjustments, you can get right to what matters, cutting.

EGO 18 Inch Chainsaw Review

The major difference for me though comes down to raw power. The chainsaw is just honestly a beast in terms of capability. The RPMs on this model are significantly higher than previous generations and while they were no slouch, this has truly no comparison in terms of performance. I also found that this saw was much smoother, particularly on difficult cuts. Even when pushed to its limits, wet, hardwood was no match for this bad boy’s power.

We all know EGO makes an amazing cordless Chainsaw, now we know they make an amazing Chainsaw- period. The 18-inch chainsaw is a perfect example of improving a tool for all the right reasons, more power, more performance, and features users will find convenient and useful. All in- this cordless chainsaw is 100 % a winner.

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