Dremel GO Review

Dremel GO Review

Review Summary-


  • Overdrive Protection
  • Magnetic Bit Holder
  • Push and go Operation
  • Forward and Reverse Modes
  • Includes basic bit set, and USB cable for charging


  • 360 RPM
  • ¼ inch chuck
  • 4V Lithium-Ion Battery

The Bottom Line-

For me, the Dremel GO fits into that category of being truly useful to every single user that so few tools truly do. The Dremel Go has a great balance of being very versatile with enough power to make small jobs more efficient. This is one of those tools I think can enhance every toolbox.
-Sarah Listi

Full Review-

Screwdrivers, drills, and the like are all tool-box staples. What you may not consider though, is the perfect marriage of the two- a cordless screwdriver. The Dremel GO is a great addition for users of all kinds. Today we explore this tool and its benefits in the Dremel GO review.

About the Brand

Dremel GO review

Dremel has been around a really long time, dating back to 1932. Best known for its wide variety of rotary tools as well as specialty tools, you would be hard-pressed to walk into any shop and not find at least one Dremel. Today they are owned by Bosch Power Tools, and as a whole continue to push the envelope with tools geared towards the makers, crafters, and woodworkers. Most importantly though, they are just plain versatile.

About the Tool

Dremel GO review

Dremel GO Review

Often times there are tedious tasks you will encounter that you would give anything to speed up. Often times short cuts though can lead to disaster- which of course doesn’t help anyone! It’s not a new practice for users everywhere to take a drill or impact driver and use them in applications meant for a manual screwdriver. What ends up happening though, is stripped screws, damaged furniture and the like. Sometimes these things can actually lead to some pretty big repairs.

The Dremel GO takes a task like placing dozens of outlet covers, assembling premade furniture, hanging hardware, etc and makes it a breeze. Most importantly though- it allows you to skip the hassle of costly mistakes.

Standout Features

Dremel GO review

Dremel GO Review

  • The Dremel GO starts with a USB rechargeable 4V internal battery.

Dremel GO Review

  • Simple operation is a key to the Dremel GO, with a single switch for forward and reverse movement. The tool itself is triggered by pressure on the bit, keeping it simple and effective.

Dremel GO Review

  • Dremel includes a basic set of bits, and the bit holder is magnetic, preventing slipping during use.

Dremel GO Review

  • With a max RPM of 360, the Dremel is powerful, but its internal overdrive protection prevents screws from being overdriven. This both prevents damage to the workpiece, but also the selected fasteners. Multiple speed selection offers another facet of control as well.


Dremel GO review

You can find the Dremel GO for $39.97 at The Home Depot. To me, this is one of those tools that virtually everyone needs to own. With as many times as I have reached for it in the last month, there is no doubt that both Homeowners and Professionals can benefit from this handy addition to their toolboxes.

My Thoughts

Dremel GO review

Before I owned this tool, it sort of fell into a category of its cool, but I am not sure I can really use it- but once you have it the thinking quickly shifts to, “why didn’t I own this sooner, I use it all the time!”.

The Dremel GO fills a really solid gap in the market that users of all kinds can benefit from. When you want to drive screws and other fasteners without the risk of damage or stripping, this little guy quickly earns its place as a commonly used tool. It is more powerful than you would imagine, but with the overdrive control- you prevent the risk of damage too. With 7 speeds to select from, you also have a lot of customization and all with an under 40-dollar price point. Performance has commonly been called into question with most users feeling models lacked the power to perform most needed tasks.

As well overall ergonomics has been a concern. Something I really like about the Dremel is the feel of it. There is a weight, but not significantly more than most ratcheting screwdrivers. The auto-start is very intuitive, allowing you to select forward and backward in advance so that during application you are merely pushing forward to engage the rotating motion.

Dremel has a huge winner in their GO. Without a doubt, this tool adds a lot of value and performs well above what I would expect at the price point.

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