EGO Misting Fan Review

EGO Misting Fan Review

Review Summary-


  • Telescopic handle and durable wheels for portability 
  • 2 misting modes for both constant and interment
  • 4 misting nozzle 
  • 5 Speed Settings from 1,500 CFM to 5,000 CFM


  • 18 inch Fan
  • Max 5,000 CFM
  • 42 Decibels on speed 1
  • Up to 60 Hour run time with a 5.0 Ah battery on speed 1
  • 225 Degree Angle Adjustment 

The Bottom Line-

Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a soccer mom, the king of the grill or like me and live in a brutally hot climate, a good fan is essential! EGO adds the versatility of using their famous OPE batteries to power your outdoor life too. Part fan, part mister, all awesome! Beat the heat with the EGO Misting Fan!

-Sarah Listi

FANS! If you’re in the Texas region like me, we hit triple-digit heat indexes the first week of May. Since a large part of my shop is still exposed to the full blast of heat, any small measure of relief is welcome. Today we check out one of the newest additions to the EGO lineup in the EGO Misting Fan Review.


About the Tool

EGO Misting Fan Review

EGO Misting Fan Review

When I was a kid, theme parks were fairly common, we even had a season pass to the once well-loved Astroworld. One of the biggest memories of it for me though, was when “Cool Zones” were added. Essentially small areas would have a cover and a light mist of water was sprayed over the space. While this may seem like no big deal, it was an absolute game-changer in the summer heat!

So what exactly is a misting fan? Well, take a box fan and add the capability to add a light mist of water and that’s the magic behind EGO’s Misting Fan. Let’s take a closer look and see what makes this tool one of the best EGO additions yet!



Standout Features

EGO Misting Fan Review

EGO Misting Fan Review


18 Inch Fan- perfect size for most every application. Fan can be pivoted at different angles for ideal flow. 


EGO Misting Fan Review

Up to 60 hours of runtime on a 5.0 Ah battery, battery enclosure ensures your battery stays protected. 


EGO Misting Fan Review

A total of five speed settings from 1500 to 5000 CFM for customized airflow, easy to operate dashboard for convenience and ease of use. 


EGO Misting Fan Review

Easy portability with wheels and handle, pull the handle directly from the side to retract and push to next the handle again. This was a feature I really loved on this fan as portability was so simple and convenient!


EGO Misting Fan Review

2 misting zones, intermittent mode or continuous, depending on your desired output. Place the hose end directly into a bucket of water and you’re in business! 


Where to find it

EGO Misting Fan Review  


You can find the EGO Misting Fan on Amazon for $261.71 and at Ace Hardware for $279.00 or ACME Tools for $279.00 .


My Thoughts

EGO Misting Fan Review 

I’ve made no secret that I am an EGO fan. While I have loved and enjoyed their OPE and battery power for many years, some of the best additions in recent years have been to their lifestyle tools. When you invest so much into a battery platform for your tools, it’s great when manufacturers opt to add bonus tools that can be handy in multiple circumstances.

One of the hardest parts about living in Texas is the heat. It’s honestly the one thing I probably don’t enjoy about it, and it came in strong this year! I was in the midst of a full front exterior renovation that included framing out small retaining walls and a whole lot of hardscape work when it started to really heat up this year. Naturally too, every small thing that could go wrong did, and from replacing sprinkler valves to drainage concerns, things have taken longer than expected.

That is all to say that the Misting Fan saved the day. While not quite an air conditioner, the Misting Fan comes pretty dang close! It’s super easy to set up, simply drop the hose end into a bucket of water and turn it on. On turbo mode, that fan really moves the air too, and of all of the battery-compatible fans I have tried out, this is by far the most powerful. I like that you have a range of speed settings, and can even adjust the mist from off, to intermittent, to constant.

EGO designed the fan to be ultra-portable too, something I really appreciated as it greatly increases the likelihood of actually being used. The large wheels roll easily, and the handle allows you to move it longer distances comfortably. This is a huge plus to me as often tools are great ideas but actually putting them into practice is a different story. Making it comfortable and easy to use and maneuver makes it more likely it will be used frequently and thus increases the overall value to me. 

It’s rare I truly can’t find any criticism of a tool, but if there was ever a tool I just loved from start to finish, it’s the EGO Misting Fan. If you’ve been on the fence when it comes to EGO’s OPE, this may just be the push you need to check out the line, and if you’re like me and a long-time fan of the brand, this adds a layer of awesome to our arsenal of ultra-powerful batteries.

Whether you’re on the job site, in your yard, or at a game, the EGO Misting Fan may just be the ultimate addition to your outdoor adventures. Designed to take advantage of the epic EGO Battery lineup, the Misting Fan is a powerful fan as well as an impressive mister sure to keep your hot summer days a bit more bearable.



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