SKIL Detail Sander Review

SKIL Detail Sander Review

Review Summary-


  • Brushless Motor
  • SKIL 20V Platform 
  • 4 interchangeable attachments for versatility
  • Vibration control for comfort during use
  • Comfortable design for use in tight spaces
  • Dust Sealed Switch 
  • Soft Start Motor 


  • Tool weight 1.52 lbs
  • No load speed- 10500 RPM
  • Sanding Orbit of 1.6 mm
  •  Sanding Surface- Max of 6 inches by 4.125 Inches

The Bottom Line-

Once again SKIL brings a great tool to the market that a wide range of users will benefit from. Specialty sanders aren't easy to find on a budget but SKIL has managed to really bring a lot of function and versatility into more users' hands with their Detail Sander. Always a brand I think holds a lot of value too, and this is no exception.

-Sarah Listi

Sanding. Do you love it or hate it? It’s like the red-headed stepchild in the woodworking community, lord you love it, but it’s not always easy. Now- sanding a table is tough, but try sanding weird corners and profiles- this is where sanding gets tedious to me. Today we take a look at a sander from the SKIL brand that not only aims to solve some seriously awkward sanding dilemmas but also adds cordless convenience to the mix. Let’s see what this tool offers in the SKIL Detail Sander Review.


About the Tool

SKIL Detail Sander Review

SKIL Detail Sander Review

Sanders. LORD is there a tool more necessary to the woodworking community at large? No. Honestly, we could all make adjustments to tackle making cuts or adding profiles but I have yet to see any viable options to eliminate sanding.

Where sanders really separate is in a handful of ways- power, versatility, and application. It sounds like we’re talking about the same thing, but in reality, they’re vastly different considerations, and most every woodworker will argue which is the most important based on what they typically work on. I am an equal opportunist in general, but especially when it comes to sanders I like to have different sanders for different applications.

The SKIL Detail Sander offers a few specific things that really made me curious to see if it would fit in well with my lineup. Details? Contours? Cordless? 


Standout Features 


SKIL Detail Sander Review

Cordless 20V Battery Platform- SKIL has a large and growing lineup of tools on their 20V Battery platform and it’s a lineup that really encompasses all of the bases between the power tool staples, as well as OPE and lifestyle tools. Plus- the PWRCore battery has a quick charge feature and onboard USB charging so it’s a great lineup for mobile use.

SKIL has seriously advanced brushless motors and electronics on their tools, designed to maximize run time and extend the lifespan of your tools.


Vibration Reduction, likely the one thing you’ll notice the moment you turn this sander on is that the reduced vibration makes it comfortable to use, a key when you are often sanding for extended periods of time.


SKIL Detail Sander Review

Four profiles of sanding are built right into the sander. The Standard mouse pad is the broadest way to sand using this tool. When you have super off spaces to get into, the smaller triangle tip or finger extension is a phenomenal addition. Last but not least- the flexible pad extension is an addition you’ll love for contours or detailed sanding where you want to maintain the profile.


Where to find it

SKIL Detail Sander Review 

You can find the SKIL Cordless Detail Sander with a Battery, Charger, and Sandpaper at Lowes for $99.00. You can also find the corded version of this saw on Amazon for $39.98.


My Thoughts


SKIL Detail Sander Review

Several years ago, I tackled the toughest or longest renovation possible with our staircase. Now, at the time gel stain was all the rage to modernize a highly orange oak staircase I wasn’t a fan of the “shortcut”. Gel Stains have a place in the finish world but they have never been a personal favorite of mine. This project ended up being several months because I stripped and sanded every square inch of that orange-tinted oak before I could even get to replacing the actual stair parts. Do I love it? YES. But, and this is a big BUT- this SKIL sander would have saved weeks in sanding in that project alone. Lessons learned, right?

I may not be able to hop in my time machine to go back and use this sander on that job but it’s safe to say I sand something almost every day in the shop. This tool is brand new to the market, but I have actually had my hands on it for a few months. It’s the type of tool you wonder about and then instantly need to try to satisfy your curiosity, and if you’re curious, you won’t be disappointed.


SKIL Detail Sander Review

I have used the SKIL sander in a variety of applications over the last few months, from installing new trim and sanding that, to several builds that the designer (ahem.. me) probably should have thought to make with less tiny spaces to sand. Alas though, these have given me a lot to check out with this sander and how it can fit into a shop easily.

If you’ve ever used a detail sander you know that they’re vastly different than a high-end ROS sander. While those can never really be replaced, the times where you can’t reach a small space or your risk damaging the profile of a piece happens more often than I care to admit. So when you find yourself in a pickle, a sander like this is a vast improvement over hand sanding and yields significantly better results than alternatives like Multi-Tool sanding heads or the like.

One of my favorite cordless sanders out there is the SKIL Sander, I’ve owned it a few years ago and find it to be a wildly impressive unit when mobility is key. This little sander has a lot of similarities to it with great vibration control, excellent run time, and all in all great end results for its price point.



SKIL Detail Sander Review

Where this Sander really steps apart is obviously in its attachments. I love a great delta sander, but they only solve some issues, and there are always great wins with a profile sander too- although they tend to only perform well in their high-end versions making it restrictive for most users.

SKIL aced this tool though from a design standpoint. All the attachments are removed and mounted in seconds, with a small lever to lock them in place.  With four different attachments too, the single sander will offer incredible versatility. You have the delta to cover the most space, the smaller triangle attachment to get into tighter corners, and if you’ve got a narrow profile to work on, the fingertip attachment will change your entire outlook. Last but not least- the flexible contour attachment is phenomenal for contours and profiles- something you really appreciate on first use.


Obviously like all tools, there are times splurging for the top-of-the-line tool makes sense. For a tool you won’t use or need constantly though, it’s just not always necessary or sensical. This is one of those categories I often find SKIL in. They can hold their own and often are a phenomenal value for the performance they offer. Plus, they are truly listening to users’ feedback to find ways to improve their lineups offerings.


SKIL Detail Sander Review

As a fan of the SKIL lineup for a wide range of users- from homeowners to budget-friendly professionals, this is another tool they can easily add to my list of favorites.



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