SKIL Miter Saw Review

SKIL Miter Saw Review

Review Summary-


  • 15 Amp Motor
  • Dual Bevel Miter Saw
  • LED Shadow Line
  • Sliding Capacity allows for up to 2 X 12 inch cuts 
  • Detent Plate has positive stops at 11 common angles, while the Bevel has 4 positive stops. 
  • Full 50 degree left cut capacity 
  • Side Support wings
  • Easy Adjust Clamp


  • 10- inch Blade
  • 4800 RPM
  • Bevel Stops at 45/48 degrees left, 0 degrees and 45 degrees right
  • 5/8 inch arbor 

The Bottom Line-

SKIL has made some seriously impressive tools in recent years. They've branched into several new fields, but have put a lot of emphasis on their staple tools and it definitely shows in the SKIL Miter Saw. I have found myself very impressed with this saw as a whole, and its a tool that will definitely leave you wondering why you didn't snag it sooner!
-Sarah Listi

Full Review- 

There is really and truly nothing like a good Miter Saw. The debate on size and features necessary will always vary by user, but the reality is, when you find a good Miter Saw that suits your needs and doesn’t break the bank, there is a lot to be happy about! Let’s hop into the SKIL Miter Saw Review and see what makes this tool special! 


About the Brand

SKIL Miter Saw Review

SKIL Miter Saw Review

SKIL is often confused with SKILSAW, which is honestly well warranted. Both companies are owned and manufactured by the same company, but their tools vary a bit based on their targeted users. Where SKILSAW is all for the PRO and speciality applications; SKIL seeks to take the DIY game and step it up for the hobbyist, DIYer or entry level pro.

This specific tool is a great example of SKIL’s dedication to producing awesome tools that users of all kinds can appreciate. Basically, you’re getting the benefits of the tried and true SKILSAW DNA, with a lower price tag, something we can all appreciate!


Standout Features

SKIL Miter Saw Review

SKIL Miter Saw Review

The SKIL Miter Saw starts with a 15-Amp Motor that will clock up to 4800 RPM’s.


SKIL Miter Saw Review

The Dual Bevel Miter Saw has four positive stops- at 48 and 45 degrees left, 0 degrees and 45 degrees right.



SKIL Miter Saw Review

Detent plate has 11 positive stops that marks allow you to cut common angles. 50-degree capacity both left and right.



SKIL Miter Saw Review

The sliding rails are easily engaged by a twist of a wing nut. I always appreciate sliders that can be locked for both stationary cutting and for travel.



SKIL Miter Saw Review

The Included clamp is one of the best designs in terms of allowing quick and easy engagement and removal. Often people skip the use of these clamps on Miter Saws, but when used correctly, they’re really nice to have.



SKIL Miter Saw Review

10-inch blade operates on a standard 5/8-inch Arbor. This saw has the capacity to cut a 2X8 at 45 degrees as well as a 2X12 at 90 degrees.

The LED Shadow Line is impressive on this saw, offering incredible visibility and sight to the user. I am a huge fan of the tried-and-true shadow line!




SKIL is one of the companies that I consistently recommend to users from a wide range of user categories. They price their tools well, but still keep them feature packed and well made. You can snag this SKIL Miter Saw on Amazon for $249.00


Wrap Up

SKIL Miter Saw Review

SKIL Miter Saw Review

I love reviewing tools like this. The tools that really outperform their price tag and market and that are just frankly awesome tools. I was instantly impressed by this Miter Saw, and 6 months in, I am still just as impressed!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know my daily user in terms of Miter Saw’s is the SKILSAW Worm drive Miter Saw. I reviewed it a while back, and it’s got specific features like higher torque and increased capacity that I often need for builds. It has its drawbacks though; its size can be cumbersome while traveling which is always typical for a 12-inch sliding saw. While it’s also the lightest in its class, It can be overkill for some jobs, offering almost too much power in certain cases, I know, seems impossible, but I promise it is. What I love about this specific SKIL Miter Saw is it seemed to take all that I loved about the SKILSAW Saw but dropped a few pounds and a couple of blade inches. When I need to move, this 10-inch saw is so handy, and makes the smaller jobs, like trim work or decking super-efficient and easy. While it is light and easy to use, you can still cut hardwoods with ease when needed earning it a huge nod from me in terms of versatility. 

The blade size is honestly the most universally applicable. While 12-inch saws offer you the increase in cut capacity, it’s unlikely you will use that extra capacity in most situations. There are exceptions to specific trades, but I rarely feel it is needed in most cases. I started with a ten-inch saw, and to be perfectly honest I prefer the blade size in most cases for accuracy too. It is easier to keep a ten-inch blade perfectly balanced than a 12 inch- the bigger the blade, the bigger the deflection it can cause. It’s a personal preference, but one I always feel passionate about.

I love the saws accuracy as well. It is one of the easiest saws to square up and to maintain its angle integrity. This may seem like an odd thing to say, but I really appreciate that.  It’s so inconvenient to spend extra time realigning blades between projects or after just a few cuts so to me, the ability to set it and go less frequently is huge. 

I have had several saws that utilize a laser line to improve cut accuracy on Miter Saws. Here’s the thing though, I don’t like lasers for this. It’s another feature that can be easily misaligned, even on high end saws that you’d really expect to stay consistent. As well, the visibility is not great in bright lighting conditions. Something that really throws you off if you come to rely on it to get precise measurements. Rather than utilize the lasers, I prefer a shadow light, it’s the way to get the most accurate cuts measurement wise, and when it comes to mitered cuts or bevels, its invaluable to have the visibility of knowing precisely where the blade will drop.

The SKIL 10-inch Miter Saw is a really wonderful saw in every way.  The stock blade is great for a standard blade, toss an upgraded fine-finsh blade on it for killer finished cuts and you’ll love it even more for finish work and fine angles. This saw reminds me so much of my first Miter Saw. It was the first tool I truly fell in love with, and to me, it brought those first dreams and projects to life. Many years ago, I paid right around what this saw costs, and it had quite literally no bells and whistles. This saw would have been a big improvement, and one I genuinely think fits the bill for a lot of folks.


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