Greenworks Pressure Washer Review

Greenworks Pressure Washer Review

Review Summary-


  • Onboard Tool Storage
  • Quick Connect Fittings
  • Soap Tank for specialty cleaning
  • Mutiple tips for versatile cleaning



  • 1800 PSI
  • 1.1 GPM
  • 25 Foot Hose
  • 35 Foot Cord length with inline GFCI
  • PWMA Certified

The Bottom Line-

Greenworks creates a great balance of value and features in their Electric Pressure Washer. With a wide range of options available, users will have an easy time finding a Pressure Washer to suit their needs.

-Sarah Listi
Pressure Washers are one of the many unsung hero’s in the tool world. Very few tools can compete with the drastic improvement a good Pressure Washing can have on the curb appeal of your home. With so much to offer, Pressure Washers have quickly evolved to offer options any homeowner can use with ease. Today we check out an option from Greenworks Tools in the Greenworks Pressure Washer Review.  

About The Tool

Greenworks Pressure Washer Review

Greenworks Pressure Washer Review Pressure Washing was once seen as a professional only service. One that could cost a pretty penny to hire out too. Pressure Washers are still predominantly run on gas, making owning and maintaining them tedious, loud and all around cumbersome. As well, higher end units can cost over a thousand dollars easily, causing most homeowners to turn the other way. Today though, we see more and more manufacturers offering a variety of ways for users to skip the hassle of gas engines and still achieve great results. Greenworks is a great example of manufacturers doing this, offering both battery and electric tools in their Outdoor Power Equipment lineup. With a range pf Pressure Washers, every user is covered too, everyone from the weekend warrior to the Pro user.  

Standout Features

Greenworks Pressure Washer Review

Greenworks Pressure Washer Review Greenworks starts this Pressure Washer, model #GPW1803, with a 13-Amp motor that provides 1.1 Gallons per Minute of cleaning power and 1800 PSI of water pressure.   Greenworks Pressure Washer Review Electric power provides a much quieter operation over traditional gas, something that is easy to appreciate as soon as you turn it on. As well, start up is a breeze! Simply plug it in using the inline GFCI cord, and flip the power switch.   Greenworks Pressure Washer Review Ergonomic handle design is comfortable to use, even during extended use.   Greenworks Pressure Washer Review Hose attachment and water supply attachment is located on the front of the unit for easy access and reduced crossing during use, this small detail makes a solid impact in the operation of the unit.   Greenworks Pressure Washer Review Greenworks includes multiple nozzles for customized cleaning power depending on the task As well as a dedicated mount for each one with quick reference during use. Two traditional nozzles, both a 40-degree and a 25-degree nozzle to customize application. As well, Greenworks includes two specialty nozzles- a Soap Nozzle for cleaning using the onboard soap tank, and my personal favorite- the Turbo Nozzle which makes quick work of cleaning extra grimey areas with ease. Quick connect fittings keep these nozzles easy to alternate between as well.   Greenworks Pressure Washer Review On Board storage for the hose, cord and nozzles keep the tool organized and easy to store.   Greenworks Pressure Washer Review Large wheels and open design provide easy mobility and access to all ports.   Greenworks Pressure Washer Review The optional surface attachment makes doing larger areas of concrete much quicker and is a great add-on to the unit.    


Greenworks Pressure Washer Review

This is easily where this Pressure Washer really shines, with an exceptional pricepoint. This model can be found at Lowe’s for $149.00, making it a steal for any homeowner. Need more power? Or prefer a smaller footprint? Greenworks offers options both above and below this model in terms of power and features to suit your needs.  

My Thoughts

Greenworks Pressure Washer Review

Greenworks Pressure Washer Review
Turbo Nozzle in use on a particularly bad area of our porch that tends to have both dirt and algae growth during the wet months.
When we first bought our current home, I remember thinking instantly that the exterior just felt dirty. From the sidewalks to the brick work, it was a lot of sq. footage that desperately needed cleaning. And has since needed cleaning several more times! What I wasn’t prepared for was the sticker shock that comes with pressure washing. After I got a few bids, I debated either A-selling a kidney, or B the tried and true method of doing it myself. Being the frugal DIY-er I am, I knew I would find a solution that was more cost effective.  
Greenworks Pressure Washer Review
Turbo Nozzle in use
This is about the time I discovered how much of an impact a small pressure washer could have on how our home looked. Since then, I have used a few different models from standard gas, to an electric option from another brand and had some mixed experiences. Power seems to be the main concern in the debate between these two platforms and while you may sacrifice some power by choosing electric. For the bulk of common applications though, you are unlikely to notice this trade off. In my experience, both could get the job done, it is purely a matter of weighing the other benefits. For me, the reduced maintenance and easier operation of electric, means less downtime and more efficiency which will always win out to me. Not to mention the operating volume alone will have you opting for electric any day. One area where I would agree the gas option was a clear winner in prior experiences, was in terms of longevity. I noticed early models of electric pressure washers struggled to last more than a season or two, making the investment harder to justify. This is where Greenworks model really wins out, offering a 3-year warranty on a tool that users may have some initial hesitation about. So- in this regard, the Greenworks model offers both great performance with a warranty that ensures years of solid cleaning power. As well- Lowe’s offers their standard 90-day guarantee offering another layer of protection.   Greenworks Pressure Washer Review A few things that really stand out in the Greenworks that really lend itself to a user-friendly experience are things like the on board storage for the attachments and hoses. This is always a big deal in terms of storage and keeping the accessories together. I liked the design as well of the cart- the large wheels allow easy mobility and in use this is a major point to the overall user experience. I honestly was surprised by how powerful the unit was overall and really enjoy being able to grab the unit out of storage and start it up in a matter of moments when an area needs cleaning. All in all, Greenworks did a great job designing a cost effective unit that could still provide incredible performance. With Pressure Washers like this being as accessible as they are to use, it is a must have!

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