Dremel Micro Review

Dremel Micro Review

Review Summary-


  • Quick change Collet

  • LED light for great Visibility 
  • Rubberized Grip for better control and comfort

  • Battery Level Indicator

  • Dock Station doubles as a charging station

  • Battery Level Indicator

  • Variable Speed


  • 5000 to 28000 RPM range

  • 8V Battery

The Bottom Line-

I am a huge fan of Dremel's design on their new Dremel Micro. The Micro is exponentially lighter that most rotary tools all while remaining cordless. It doesn't dissapoint when it comes to power and performance either, making it a great hybrid for a lot of tasks. Fans of Dremel will love this addition to their lineup, users new to Rotary Tools will have an excellent option to start with too. Dremel nailed this one all around!
-Sarah Listi


Full Review-

Dremel has a wide range of rotary tools to suit virtually every user. With battery technology continuing to evolve we have more cordless options than ever before. Today we take a look at a new Rotary Tool from Dremel that offers a lot of versatility in a small footprint. Keep reading to find out more in the Dremel Micro Review.

About the Tool

Dremel Micro Review

Rotary Tools are a mainstain in virtually every shop, garage and tool box. They are often seen as a perfect tool for precision woodworking like carving, shaping but also have a huge range of benefits for homeowners and professionals alike.

Rotary Tools are used in a huge range of applications. Most commonly people use their Dremel’s in precision cutting, sanding and shaping. Additionally, polishing is a well loved use for Dremels too!  Some users use some of the more powerful tools for things like power carving, something I personally have found to be a ton of fun!


Standout Features

Dremel Micro Review

Dremel Micro Review

Dremel starts with an 8V lithium Ion battery to provide power while keeping the unit compact.


Dremel Micro Review

Variable speed from 5000 to 25000 RPM for improved user control in use.


Dremel Micro Review

Dremel includes a wide range of accessories with the micro, as well as a charger and docking station.


Quick collet lock for easy changes between bits, as well as an LED light for excellent visibility during use.



Dremel Micro Review

The Dremel Micro is available at The Home Depot for $79.81. In my mind, this tool is a great value for having the cordless capability and is truly compact enough for small jobs. Rotary Tools can be found in a variety of price points and feature sets, and this one offers a great hybrid of value and features.


My Thoughts

Dremel Micro Review

Dremel Micro Review

I have numerous Rotary Tools from Dremel, from full size, to corded compact models to the original cordless Rotary Tool. I loved having a cordless option, but like most early cordless tools,  it was heavy and awkward to use for extended periods of time. This is where the Dremel Micro really shines. It is incredibly small and light weight, offering an exceptionally comfortable feel in use. In some projects, there are times where hours can be spent refining details and design, so having this tool be both cordless and lightweight is a huge deal.

For a lot of projects a Rotary Tool like this is all you will ever need. Unless you are getting into intense carving, this model really offers a great way to tackle small jobs with ease. The portability and ability to get into small corners and areas is another really good benefit of this compact model.

Given the small size, I also was impressed with the overall runtime too, making it a great option for travel and professional users to keep in their tool chest. While you will sacrifice some power with this model over larger ones, it is an easy trade off when you consider the drastic increase in comfort and convenience.

The Dremel Micro has quickly become my go-to Rotary Tool for it’s great combination of compact size, light weight and ample power for a variety of tasks. This tool has definitely impressed me a lot, and it is one I am glad to have!

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