KOBALT XTR Tool Launch

KOBALT XTR Tool Launch

Kobalt tools have been around for over twenty years with a wide range of tools being added to their lineup at Lowe’s consistently. One of the largest launches for them yet is the new XTR Line, a cordless power tool line available exclusively at Lowe’s that will offer some serious bang for the buck. Let’s take a look at the KOBALT XTR Tool Launch and see what makes this launch special.

Disclosure- This article was written in partnership with Lowe’s Company, and I have been compensated for my time, however, all opinions are my own.



KOBALT XTR Tool Launch

KOBALT XTR Tool Launch

KOBALT, a long-standing Lowe’s exclusive brand has seen some awesome shifts in its tool lines in recent years. With the addition of a full range of Outdoor Power Equipment, KOBALT has quickly moved forward as a manufacturer to consider for both performance and value, in both homeowners and professional tool users.

This new 24V battery platform is an interesting choice over the common 18/20V cordless tool platforms that have become common in most lineups. This is one of the things I love about where KOBALT took their XTR, as there is noticeably more power but there isn’t a significant bump in weight. As well, they took meticulous care in bringing forth tools users need with features they really want.

Let’s dig into the new lineup of tools and see where they stand!



KOBALT XTR Tool Launch

Drill Driver Kit

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  • The KOBALT Cordless Drill features a ½ inch all-metal chuck, something I love seeing on tools designed for heavy use.
  • The Brushless Motor offers 1200-inch pounds of torque and up to 2,000 RPMs.
  • The Anti-Kickback design and included Auxiliary handle provide increased comfort and control during use, and also reduces injury during heavy applications.
  • Two gears with a 24-position clutch lend the user incredible control over the application, using the power when needed and dialing it down for lighter applications.

KOBALT packages their Drill in a kit, Item # 151840 with a hard case, and a 4.0 Ah Ultimate Output Battery with charger for $169.00.

As a staple tool, I love that KOBALT took the care to include a solid metal chuck for longer tool life, and the auxiliary handle provides a better grip on the tool, allowing users more versatility than before. I love that they added that in, as most Drills don’t include them, it’s bonus users will love! As well, the drill itself is powerful and responsive, making it a quick front runner in my shop!

Hammer Drill Driver Kit

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  • KOBALT packages a brushless motor with its 24V Battery platform on their Hammer Drill.
  • Much like the Drill, the KOBALT Hammer Drill has a 2-speed gearbox with a 24-position clutch for versatility. In addition, the Hammer Drill has the Hammer mode for applications where it is needed.
  • The all-metal chuck provides durability on a heavy-duty tool.
  • The KOBALT Hammer Drill has 1200 in-lbs. of torque and 2000 RPMs for power and performance.

KOBALT offers this Hammer Drill in a kit, item# 151841, with a 4.0 Ah Ultimate Output Battery and charger with a hard case for easy transport. This set comes in at $199.00 and is available at Lowe’s.

Hammer Drills are a highly underutilized tool as a whole, and when discovered are a gamechanger in a wide range of tasks. KOBALT’s XTR Hammer Drill did a great job in drilling through concrete and brick when I tested it and is a great way to add versatility to your tool arsenal without adding significantly more expensive tools.

Impact Driver Kit

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  • A classic Jobsite ready tool with a wide range of applications is the Impact Driver. With KOBALT’s new battery platform, this is an exceptional tool when a standard Drill just isn’t enough to meet the demands.
  • 3400 RPM’s provide intense power and speed for tough applications and 2400 in-lbs. of torque.
  • 4000 IPM’s and 3-speed settings give you a wide range of power for driving difficult fasteners.
  • ASSIST Mode is a solid addition to prevent cam-out and cross threading during use.

KOBALT offers this Impact Driver in a Kit, item #1518742 for $179.00 at Lowe’s. This includes the tool, a hard case, a 4.0 Ah Ultimate Output Battery Pack, and a charger.

Another tool staple, the Impact Driver is a well-loved tool for me personally. It is a staple in yielding additional power when tougher conditions are present and can allow you to often skip predrilling. The ASSIST mode is a great addition and does a great job preventing stripping and cam-out of fasteners. My favorite thing about this specific tool though is just how purely compact it really is. It’s easy to fit this tool in small spaces and has not let me down during use!

Reciprocating Saw

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  • Kobalt starts their Reciprocating saw with a 1-1/4-inch stroke length for superior material removal.
  • Reciprocating Saws as a whole are notorious for being difficult to use for long periods of time, Kobalt aims to correct that by advanced Anti-Fatigue technology, making it comfortable to use even in more difficult applications.
  • Kobalt includes orbital action, a must in modern Reciprocating Saws for better power and performance when cutting.
  • Quick Blade Changes and overall balance add to the convenience and comfort of this tool.

KOBALT’s Reciprocating Saw, Item # 1518743 can be found at Lowes for $149.00 Bare Tool.

This Reciprocating Saw is well balanced and powerful. KOBALT did a great job of keeping this tool powerful while being lighter-weight than larger reciprocating saws. KOBALT also did awesome with the pivoting shoe and easy blade changes. From rough-ins, heavy cuts, metalwork and even pruning around the property, this saw proves to be power-packed!

7-1/4 Circular Saw

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  • This Circular Saw is an absolute win for the KOBALT lineup, offering a full-size circular saw on their 24V Battery platform.
  • The 7-1/4-inch blade provides for optimal depth of cut, 2-1/2 inches at 90 degrees for versatile applications. The adjustable shoe provides easily adjustable depth settings that are easy to operate.
  • At 5500 RPM’s, the KOBALT Circular Saw doesn’t disappoint in power, and the electric brake stops the blade rotation quickly.
  • The 0 to 56-degree bevel capability with easy to adjust dial also adds to the versatility, as well as preset bevel locks allow you to quickly dial into the most common adjustments. One thing that I love about this bevel scale was how it is designed. Rather than the common engraved markings, this scale was placed on a piece of aluminum and mounted to the shoe, this is more visible but also allows the scale to be adjusted to maintain the accuracy of the saw.
  • LED work light increases cut-line visibility, which is especially important when accuracy is needed.
  • An edge guide is included for accurate rip cuts, as well as an adapter for dust collection.

The KOBALT Circular Saw, Item # 1518744, is available at Lowe’s for $149.00 Bare Tool.

I love a good Circular Saw as much as the next person, and while I usually find cordless models underpowered, I can’t say that here. KOBALT put together a really well-made saw that is still powerful, light and includes features I love. My main standout on this tool was the way the bevel plates are designed, I love that KOBALT made the markings highly visible and adjustable. I love that an attachment for dust collection was included as well, and it does a decent job of grabbing the majority of dust and debris. All in, this is a great Circular Saw!

½ – inch High Torque Impact Wrench

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  • One of the most interesting launches is the KOBALT 24V line is the ½ inch High Torque Impact Wrench.
  • The ½ inch anvil operates on a friction ring, for easy changes of sockets.
  • 1200 ft-lbs. of torque gives this Impact Wrench incredible removal power. 750 ft-lbs. of fastening torque allows for significant fastening power.
  • Three settings allow users to adjust the torque based on application.
  • KOBALT also includes an LED work light for better visibility in less than ideal situations, and anti-vibration technology makes the tool more comfortable during use.

This Impact Wrench from KOBALT, Item #1518745 is available from Lowe’s for $269.00 and includes a hard case, 4.0 AhUltimate Output Battery, and charger.

One of the great things about this tool? It is beefy! There is no question of its power the minute you take it out of the box, it was designed to provide solid torque and it doesn’t disappoint. I love that such a specialty tool was included in their first round of the XTR line up. With KOBALT’s history in automotive and mechanics tools, they really thought this one out!


Multi-Tool Combo Sets

KOBALT XTR Tool Launch

KOBALT offers two sets for even better value. What I love here is that these aren’t scaled-down versions of tools, usually my common complaint in value kits. KOBALT includes the same tools you buy as a bare tool, but at a savings worth considering!


KOBALT XTR Tool Launch

The first of the two is KOBALT’s 5-tool Combo Kit, item # 1518747. This set includes a Hammer Drill, an Impact Driver, Circular Saw, Reciprocating Saw and Work Light. With a 2.0 Ah battery, 4.0 Ah Ultimate Output Battery and charger, you have virtually everything you need to get started. One of the extra bonuses in this kit is the rolling toolbox which gives incredible portability and convenience. This set provides one of the best values in kits I have ever seen. Coming in at $399.00 you have a solid lineup of tools to get you moving!

The XTR 3 Tool Kit, item #1518746, features their Hammer Drill, Impact Driver, LED light, and a case. As well, you also have a 2.0 Ah battery and a 4.0 Ah Ultimate Output Battery and charger, making this kit a great buy at $289.00. This is a solid starter kit and a great way to save upfront on batteries.


My Thoughts-

KOBALT XTR Tool Launch
KOBALT XTR Tool Launch

I have been very excited about this launch, and I wasn’t disappointed! When a tool brand that has been around as long as KOBALT offers a new lineup, I like so many others, wait desperately to see how they will come together. The first round always gives us something to look forward to in future launched and I think KOBALT really designed their lineup to come in with a splash.

With pro-grade features, robust build, and incredible performance, KOBALT really put a lot behind these new tools. Beyond their overall performance, they also included solid features, like Brushless Motors which provide exceptional runtime and an increase in power, runtime and keep your tools lasting longer.

There is safety and convenience features too, like belt clips, LED lights, and battery level indicators. The solid ergonomics and Anti-kickback features make the tools both comfortable and reduce job site injuries. Hard cases were a very pleasant surprise, protecting your investment while keeping the tools easily portable.


KOBALT XTR Tool Launch

To me, their pricing is shockingly reasonable, especially when you consider what you are getting for the money. When I assess the value of a tool, I look at a few things, how does their physical cost impact the quality of their tools. Especially as someone who evaluates so many tools, I look at performance and price very subjectively. In the XTR lineup, these staple tools will need to withstand the abuse of constant use and power through their job with ease. In my mind, KOBALT did amazing in terms of performance, these tools easily match up with their competitors in terms of specs and design but manage to come in with a smaller price tag. As well, they include many needed bonuses like the cases and some accessories, making their value even more exceptional.

What can we expect next? I think we will see more pro-grade tools coming. It’s obviously my pure speculation, but I think KOBALT has big plans for their XTR line! I would personally love to see a Cordless Table Saw in the line, as we need good pro-grade tools that are still budget conscious. I would love to see more basics, like a killer Jigsaw, Sander, Multi-Tool, and the like on the XTR platform. Only time will tell, but what would you like to see from KOBALT next?

A huge thank you to Lowe’s and KOBALT Tools for including me in this first look of the XTR tool lineup. Questions about the KOBALT XTR lineup? Feel free to ask me here!



    • Thank you, Miguel! I was blown away by the Impact Wrench! It is no joke, one of the most powerful Cordless ones I have seen! Thank you for your feedback!

  1. […] KOBALT recently launched new tools, their XTR lineup on their 24V platform, and one that really caught my attention was the Circular Saw. There were a few details I loved about it, from the rafter hook, easy adjustments, and all-around solid tool that performs really well. This full-size circular saw holds a 7-1/4 inch blade, giving the same cut capacity as standard circular saws but without the cord. I have been really obseesed with the easy to read miter and bevel gauges and the solid power this saw has. From someone whose Dad is extra skeptical about heavy-duty tools being cordless, this one is sure to put a smile on his face!  […]

  2. Keep on keeping on Sista. Your web page looks very professional. I would highly suggest pushing Facebook Vids to specific Viewers that like tools, carpentry, mechanics, etc if not working that angle now.

  3. Thanks, for a very professional review of the Kobalt xtr line line of tools. I own many of their 1st generation 24v tools. Very reliable, never let me down. You are spot on in your opinion of the xtr 24v cir. Saw which I own & use. Excellent saw. I personally don’t know how they can sell a saw of that quality for that price. I’ve used “all” of the top 3 brands of cordless high end cir. saws. The xtr is as good and in some ways exceeds the others. Keep up your great reviews. Thanks!

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