Ready to DIY? Five Tools to Get You Started!

Ready to DIY? Five Tools to Get you Started!

There are a lot of things to consider when you first decide you want to tackle some DIY or have just bought your first home and need to build a tool collection is where to start. I say if you feel led to it, then you better take hold of that feeling and go for it! I often get asked from people who are just getting started about what tools you need to start with, so today we tackle the first five tools every DIYer or new homeowner needs. I teamed up with HART tools to bring you some of their new lineup, so Read all about it in Ready to DIY? Five Tools to Get you Started!


Safety First-

Ready to DIY? Five Tools to Get you Started!


Before we get too far into this, I want to quickly talk about safety. Always be sure you check manufacturer recommendations on setting up and using their tools. If you are just starting out, read the manual for proper use, or ask someone experienced to walk you through it. A sure addition is standard PPE, like safety glasses, hearing protection, and dust masks.

My best safety advice with using tools, in general, is to focus on getting comfortable with them. The more experience you gain, the more secure you will be when using them. It is totally normal when using a tool that is new to you to feel nervous but take a deep breath, do some practice cuts and you’ll get past the jitters fast. Ultimately you have to respect the tool, but not fear it.


Drill and Impact Driver Set

Ready to DIY? Five Tools to Get you Started!

This duo is a DIYer’s bread and butter. In fact, I can’t imagine any home not having these two! Everything from hanging photos to actually assembling your first DIY project, a solid Drill and Impact Driver are 100% necessary tools to own. Why both? Well, you’ll quickly find that a Drill is awesome in certain applications, while the Impact Driver will give you more power to do others more efficiently. If you’re just starting to DIY, you may not be convinced both are necessary, but with the best value upfront coming from the set, it definitely makes the most sense!

My number one tip for using a Drill and Impact Driver is to always familiarize yourself with what tool will work best for each application. Need to hang a photo? A drill is likely all you will need to do so. Impact Drivers also require impact-rated bits- so be sure you use the correct bits for it or you may run into a few hiccups with broken bits!

A few standouts for the HART Drill and Impact Driver Kit

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HART Tools offers several options for a Drill and Driver, giving an option for every user. I went with a bundled Brushless Motor set, which a great way to purchase batteries at a discount! HART’s Impact Driver rocks at 2200 In.lbs of torque and 3000 RPM to power through a wide range of tasks with ease. Their Drill includes a ½-inch chuck with a 24-position clutch to dial in the desired settings with ease and provide incredible versatility!

So why go with the Brushless Motor set? If you are looking to get into tasks beyond the basics, I would advise that route too. Without getting too technical, because honestly, this could be an entire article in itself- Brushless Motors have become more popular because the more advanced motor runs more efficient and provide cordless tool options us tool lovers had once only dreamed of. In a Brushless motor, the brushes and commutator are removed, and electronic controls added. When these components are dropped you reduce the internal friction which is honestly the main reason for these tools to perform better. What you have now is a more efficient motor, one that senses the load on the tool in use, runs cooler than its brushed counterpart, and offers generally more power and longer battery life. 

This two-piece set includes two 2.0 Ah batteries, a charger, and a carrying case for $178.00 which is a great price point on a Brushless set. If you want to save a few dollars, this Brushed Set is a great option too! 


Circular Saw

Ready to DIY? Five Tools to Get you Started!


Of course, when we move into saws, you have a plethora of options, certain features can truly make or break a project, so it’s important to have the right saw for the job. A Circular Saw is an extremely portable and versatile saw, giving you the ability to take it anywhere to tackle jobs big or small. When you first get started, cutting plywood will likely pose a struggle, but a Circular Saw can easily cut through larger materials as well as smaller dimensional lumber.

You also have the ability to easily insert specialty blades into a circular saw as you keep advancing in DIY, this will be a huge asset! Imagine using the same saw for wood as you do for metal, cement board, and more?

Circular Saws are very intuitive tools but always make sure you take the time to get things balanced and calibrated properly.

A Few Standouts of the HART Circular Saw

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The 6.5-inch blade will provide incredible versatility while keeping the tool light and smooth. HART leaned on a classic Circular Saw design, a compact Sidewinder. With great visibility, the option to attach a vacuum, and a 50-degree bevel you have an excellent saw. This one is small but mighty!

  • 4700 RPM
  • Includes 24 Tooth Thin Kerf Blade.
  • This HART Circular Saw is priced at $69.00 Bare Tool, available at Walmart.


Jig Saw

Ready to DIY? Five Tools to Get you Started!


A Jigsaw is a really unique saw, offering a ridiculous amount of precision and versatility for small jobs. Cutting details, rounded patterns, and a wide variety unlike the Circular Saw, you can easily alternate blades for different materials, but most importantly, you can make circular cuts, odd-shaped cuts, and even do more complex things like coping molding and trim too. Jigsaws are definitely very useful as you tackle new projects because you are truly in control of the blade.

A tip for using a jigsaw, always double-check you are using the ideal blade for your material, and be sure to clamp your work down to prevent damage to the workpiece or yourself, in use!

A few things to like about the HART Tools Jigsaw

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This Jigsaw from HART comes in at $54.00 bare tool which is incredibly budget-friendly for a Cordless Jigsaw. With up to 3,000 SPM and Four Orbital Settings to choose from, there is a lot that this saw can do!

  • LED Light
  • 45-degree Bevel base
  • Easy Blade Changes


Miter Saw

Ready to DIY? Five Tools to Get you Started!


Something you’ll likely encounter in your projects is a lot of crosscuts and angled cuts. While you can tackle those with a circular saw, precision cuts on a miter saw are certainly easier, as well as much more repeatable, allowing you to tackle projects both large and small with ease. Miter Saws are handy for everything from frames, trim, deck projects, and virtually everything in between. Both Professionals and entry-level DIYers will agree, a Miter Saw is a must.

My main tip on a Miter Saw is to really take the time to dial in the tool. This can be a little intimidating to start, but you’ll be so glad you did when you get incredibly accurate cuts after!

A few notes about the HART Tools Miter Saw

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HART Tools has a few Miter Saws in their lineup, but their 10-inch Miter Saw stands out as a great buy for users wanting more accuracy and versatility in their projects. HART included several Miter stops for common angles, as well as a unique work clamp that keeps the piece being cut firmly against the fence. HART also included an electric brake, something not always seen on saws at this price point. HART did a great job making this saw feature-packed but kept the price point accessible for users.

You can purchase this Saw at Walmart for $134.00.


Random Orbital Sander

Ready to DIY? Five Tools to Get you Started!


Once you construct your project, in comes the finishing! One of the key tools in this part of the process is sanding. No matter how great of a project you’ve built, taking the time to sand properly is an absolute must to get a great finish. A Random Orbital Sander is easily the most versatile, ensuring great results that are both effective and practical.

 A few tips with sanding if you are new to sanding is to allow the tool to do the work. You shouldn’t have to apply significant pressure to the sander while in use, just enough to control the tool. As well, take your time moving through the grits, I promise you’ll thank me for this!

Things I love about the HART Cordless Sander

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Cordless Sanders have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, and they truly can add some serious convenience to the task of sanding. HART launched its 5-inch Random Orbital Sander with a pop of power, providing up to 10,000 RPM of power. The design of the sander is comfortable with minimal vibrations making longer jobs possible. The included Dust Bag does a fairly good job grabbing the majoring of dust created while sanding,

The HART Cordless Random Orbital Sander can be found at Walmart for $44.88 bare tool.


Wrap Up

Ready to DIY? Five Tools to Get you Started!


If there is one thing I hope you take away from reading this article, it is that it really is possible to get a great starting lineup of tools for under $500 dollars. Based on your goals, you can easily switch a tool here or there to make sure your DIY needs are met. For folks just starting out, go after those weekend projects with confidence, and remember every mistake is an opportunity to learn!

A huge thank you to HART Tools for sponsoring this post and providing a great lineup of tools for users to tackle their projects to create their dream home. HART Tools are available exclusively at Walmart and are priced to give users quality & performance without the huge price tag. Remember- #DOITWITHHART !

More questions? Leave them for me in the comments!

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