New Bosch Freak

New Bosch Freak

One of my favorite tools- hands down- is the Bosch Freak. It is the type of tool you can’t help but love because it takes two very useful tools and combines two very useful tools. Let’s dive into what we know about the updated model in the New Bosch Freak.


New Bosch Freak – Standout Features

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The Bosch Freak- Model GDX18V-1800C is compatible with both 1/4 inch hex bits and 1/2 inch square drive impact sockets. Dubbed the Freak for its ability to be half Impact Driver, half Impact Wrench.

The Bosch EC Brushless Motor provides enhanced electronic controls for maximum performance and protection.

Compatible with Bosch’s 18V CORE Battery line, Bosch combines incredible technology for longer run time and enhanced performance while keeping your tool light for comfort.

Bosch added the additional space on this tool to insert the Bosch Connectivty module for users desiring customized settings and provides tool feedback to enhance use.

A variable speed trigger for user control during use.

1800 Inch pounds of max torque. No Load speed of up to 3400 RPMs based on mode, and up to 4200 ipms using a hammer and anvil mechanism.


New Bosch Freak – My Thoughts

New Bosch Freak

The Bosch Freak made waves in the power tool world for its combined powers as an Impact Wrench and an Impact Diver. For me, I loved how it could easily tackle two tasks without sacrificing performance as most combination tools tend to do. I am a huge fan of my Bosch Freak- it has a special spot in the center console of my truck and has gotten me out of many difficuly positions.

Professional users love this tool for its ability to save space in their tool boxes, but also for the impressive technology and perfrmance Bosch never skips in their tools. With the new generation offering even more torque and some impressive features I think it will be a great update to the original model that I love so much!


New Bosch Freak – Additional Details 

The Bosch Freak is available now at most major tool retailers, including Acme Tools. 

Bare Tool- Model GDC18V-1800CN from Acme Tools for $159.00.

The Bosch Kit- GDX18V-1800CB25 which includes two Core 4.0Ah batteries, a charger, and a bag for $299.00 from Amazon. 

The Bosch Kit GDZ18V- 1800CB15 which includes one Core 4.0 Ah battery, a charger and a bag from Amazon for $199.00.

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