New Milwaukee M12 SURGE Hydraulic Driver

New Milwaukee M12 SURGE Hydraulic Driver

Milwaukee is quickly churning out the much-anticipated details for their new launches. One really exciting launch at this years NPS was the Surge Hydraulic Driver. For users who need to work in close quarters, but need the high torque output for jobs, this marriage of the M12 lineup and a Hydraulic Driver is pretty much a match made in tool heaven. Let’s take a closer look at the New Milwaukee M12 SURGE Hydraulic Driver.


New Milwaukee M12 SURGE Hydraulic Driver – Standout Features

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The very first Subcompact Hydraulic Driver operates on the Milwaukee M12 battery platform.

With two-times less noise and vibration than standard impact drivers, the Surge will provide incredible benefits to a variety of trades.

With a 1/4 inch hex- bit compatibility will be a breeze.

The Surge also provides higher sustained torque – 450 in/lbs- using the hydraulic mechanism over standard impact driver hammer and anvil construction.

4-Mode Drive control, similar to the M12 Fuel Impact Driver, includes a Self-Tapping Mode.

Other specs- 5.2 inches long, 3200 RPM, and 3400 IPM.

New Milwaukee M12 SURGE Hydraulic Driver – My Thoughts

I am a devout user of my M12 Impact Driver from Milwaukee. It’s a tool that just doesn’t quit. No matter what I use it for it continues to impress! The Surge looks almost identical in person but looks can be deceiving. With its higher torque and less noise and vibrations, it’s a tool I am eager to get my hands on.

With such a wide range of applications for a tool like this, professional users of all kinds will be clamoring to get this tool in their collection. With increased comfort, versatility and compact design, this tool is a no brainer. This launch from Milwaukee will be a great addition to their 12V lineup!

New Milwaukee M12 SURGE Hydraulic Driver – Additional Details

New Milwaukee M12 SURGE Hydraulic Driver

The Milwaukee M12 Surge will be available in August of 2019 and is available from Ohio Power Tool” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Ohio Power Tool for Presale.

Kit – 2551-22- includes The M12 Fuel Surge, 2-2.0 Batteries, Charger, and Carrying Case. $199.00

Bare Tool- 2551-20 $149.00 

Combo with the Hammer Drill- 2582-22 $299.00. 

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