Milwaukee Packout Dolly

New Milwaukee Packout Dolly

There are a lot of devout users of the Milwaukee Packout System. It is well-regarded as one of the best modular storage systems on the market. The lineup is also extensive, allowing users to truly customize their job site storage to precisely fit their needs. One of the most requested additions to the Packout family finally has a launch date- so let’s dig into the New Milwaukee Packout Dolly.

New Milwaukee Packout Dolly – Standout Features

Milwaukee Packout Dolly The Milwaukee Packout Dolly- Item 48-22-8410 is constructed to work with all of the Milwaukee Packout storage solutions. The 250lb weight capacity is made possible by the impact resistant polymer construction well-loved in the other Packout Storage Solutions. Four casters allow easy rolling around job sites. The QuickStop Loading Lever allows a user to place their foot on it to keep their Packout stable while loading and unloading.

New Milwaukee Packout Dolly – My Thoughts

I honestly could not have been more blown away by the Packout system as I was at NPS. While I don’t tend to take my tools mobile, I was really intrigued by the Packout system for how it could enhance my shop. From organizing small parts to keeping things like turning accessories organized, the potential is endless. The Milwaukee Packout Dolly is well made, well designed and has user concerns right at the forefront. Milwaukee consistently aims to answer professional contractor concerns and this is another stellar example of a job site solution.

New Milwaukee Packout Dolly – Additional Details

The Milwaukee Packout Dolly will retail for $89.99 and is available for Pre-Order from Ohio Power Tool. The estimated ship date will be in July 2019.

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  1. While it’s good to see them getting something Mobile in there, other than the wheeled box, dewalts tough system dolly is just miles ahead of any other modular storage systems’ dolly/trolly offerings, and it has been out forever. I wonder if it’s patents or something obscure that’s preventing copycats, but man that thing is just hands down a better setup for moving tool boxes around, especially given the ability to take whatever you need out of middle and bottom boxes without unstacking a mess. Milwaukee needs to figure out and equivalent to the dewalt dolly and then they’ll really be on fire.

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