Ryobi Cordless Auger Reveiw

Ryobi 40V Auger Review

Review Summary-


  • 3 speed operation
  • Forward and reverse for versatility  
  • Anti-kickback system
  • Quick Connect 8-inch Auger Bit
  • Other options available in bit size and style
  • Brushless Motor for better runtime and extend motor life.
  • Dual handle D=design for balance 


  • 30% higher torque than gas units

  • 40.2 lbs
  • 5 year tool warranty 
  • 3 year battery warranty 
  • 40V Battery Platform 

The Bottom Line-

Ryobi is definitely a manufacturer I watch closely as we see even more new and unique tools added to their lineup. Their 40V Auger is a stellar example of impressive power mixed with user friendly operation that make it an absolute ace of a tool. If you're looking for an alternative to heavy rental augers or manual shovels, look no further than the Ryobi 40V Auger to get your project going!

-Sarah Listi

Looking to reduce the amount of time and labor it takes to drill holes? You’re not alone! The team at Ryobi Tools has expanded their OPE lineup to include some really impressive tools that expand on the basics, so no matter what you’re in need of, odds are Ryobi has made an option just for you! S0 how does their 40V Auger stack up? Lets check it out in the Ryobi Cordless Auger Review


About the Tool

Ryobi 40V Auger Review

RYOBI 40V AUGER REVIEWWhat is an Auger? That’s not an uncommon question to ask, and its one of those tools you may not know exists unless you’re in the landscaping field. But, if you do a lot of landscaping, install fences or do general repairs for things like mailboxes, decks and the like, you’re undoubtedly familiar. Essentially an Auger is power tool used to drill out holes to tackle a variety of these tasks. Rather than use a traditional post hole digger or a shovel, and auger can make a hole virtually prefect in seconds.

For a long time, these tools were reserved for farm owners and ran on gas or larger heavy equipment so its been reserved for only the true agricultural users. With the expansion of battery powered tools though, we are constantly seeing the boundaries of battery powered tools expand to include more than we ever imagined. One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of potential in battery power, and I can’t wait to see where it continues to develop! 


My Thoughts


Ryobi 40V Auger Review
 I had a fencing project that I had to tackle on our property. One thing is for sure, I had no desire to tackle digging 100 plus post holes manually. While I am not scared of hard work at all, I firmly believe in working smarter where I can. So, when I started tackling this fence build, I knew an Auger would be a good solution. I planned initially on renting a unit, but once I know that wasn’t the only option, I was eager to see what a cordless unit could do! 



Thankfully, my instincts were dead on with the Ryobi Cordless Auger. It’s a beast of a tool and works surprisingly well! The Ryobi Auger takes a labor-intensive job and makes it happen in seconds, without any additional hassles that we expect with gas equipment.

At first glance, the Auger itself looks to be a bit intimidating, but it’s fairly comfortable to use once you get the hang of it.  The anti-kickback mechanism is well designed on the tool and will engage if you try to push the tool with too much force during use. That’s exactly what it should do, and I love that they included this safety feature on this tool. My best advice is to get a really good grip on the tool and allow it to do the work, it’s really designed for smooth operation so trust the tool and it will treat you well.




Another win for me, was how efficiently it removed the soil as it worked. Throughout the entire drilling process, you’ll see the dirt coming up on the blade and rotating out. What you’re left with is a really clean and symmetrical hole that is ready for your post. I didn’t really consider was how much time that alone would save, so it was an added bonus in the process!




Ryobi also included a forward and a reverse button, something that can be very handy if you run into a root. All I all, this tool excelled in a variety of soil types. While I expected it to be easy on fresh laid dirt, our soil consists of a significant layer of sandy dirty that can get very impacted. Below it, its pure clay, so there was definitely an array of soil types I worked through, and the Auger never skipped a beat.



After about 20 holes the first day, I still had three of four bars on the battery left. To me, that’s impressive! It was powerful for sure, so I expected it to need fresh juice after a few holes. Thankfully that wasn’t the case, and this tool specifically really proves that battery powered tools like this are real contenders to their gas counterparts- witout the hassle of gas!


Where to find it



You can find the Ryobi Cordless Auger with an 8 Inch Bit and a 4Ah 40V Battery and Charger at The Home Depot for $349.00.  If you’re already on their 40V Battery Platform you can snag the Ryobi Auger with the 8-inch Bit without a battery and charger for $319.00 at The Home Depot



Wrap Up 


Ryobi 40V Auger Review

There is no doubt in my mind that the Ryobi 40V Auger is a great addition to your tool lineup if you find yourself installing fences, doing extensive landscaping, and is a great option for the professional landscaper and contractor as well.  I was eager to see how the Auger could make this fence job quicker and easier, and the Ryobi Auger blew me away!

Hats off to Ryobi for continuing to bring really some seriously strong tools across all their lines. One thing is for sure, Ryobi is definitely aiming to really dominate the cordless tool market.



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