New Ryobi Thickness Planer

Is Ryobi pushing into the woodworking realm? If their newest tool announcement is any indication, I think that answer is yes! Let’s chat about the New Ryobi Thickness Planer!

My Thoughts

New Ryobi Thickness Planer 

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It is rare I am surprised by press releases that come through, but I have to say, this one was a really exciting announcement to read! If you have followed Ryobi’s tool lineup since the beginning, you’ll remember their bench top tools well. I still own and regularly use my Ryobi Drill Press, and I know several people that swear by their bandsaw. With some users not needing full size equipment to perform their tasks, are short on space, or just can’t justify the larger price point counterparts, Ryobi has always been a brand that was a good choice for a lot of shops. 

One of my most exciting tool additions ever, was my first planer. I have owned several planer models over the years and have found each suited certain users really well, and are absolute game changers in terms of their results. The time saved in sanding and surfacing wood is unreal, and honestly is a huge step in upping the quality of your builds. 

I have always been passionate about encouraging others to make the move into woodworking, and having another value conscious option on the market will allow so many more users to add a thickness planer to their tool arsenal, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a planer without the huge upfront investment. 


Where and When You Can Find It

New Ryobi Thickness Planer 

The Ryobi lineup is exclusive to The Home Depot, and the Thickness Planer will retail for $369.00. It is available online already and I expect we will see this tool in stores soon too as units ship to stores. 


Wrap Up 

New Ryobi Thickness Planer 

The Ryobi Thickness Planer is a huge move for Ryobi and I think its a sign of some exciting things to come! I should have the opportunity to test this tool out soon, so stay tunes for my thoughts on its performance soon! Are y’all excited to see what else Ryobi has up their sleeves?


Full Press Release

New Ryobi Thickness Planer 

From Ryobi-

RYOBI™15 Amp 12-1/2 in. Corded Thickness Planer with Planer Knives, Knife Removal Tool, Hex Key, and Dust Hood


RYOBI™ continues to expand its benchtop category with the new addition of its 12-1/2″ Corded Thickness Planer. This planer has a 120-Volt, 15 Amp motor that delivers maximum power for smoother cuts. The 1/20″ depth of cut control allows you to achieve your desired depth for precision planing. Featuring extra-long infeed and outfeed tables, it provides over 31″ of material support for your large jobs. It also features a 4-column frame which reduces snipe and improves uniformity. The 12-1/2″ Corded Thickness Planer comes with a 3-year warranty and includes two planer knives, a knife removal tool, a hex key, a dust hood, and an operator’s manual.


  • 1/20″ depth of cut control for precision planing
  • 15 amp motor for smoother cuts
  • 4-column frame reduces snipe and improves uniformity
  • Extra-long infeed and outfeed tables provide over 31″ of material support
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Includes: (1) AP1305 12-1/2″ Thickness Planer, (2) Planer Knives, Knife Removal Tool, Hex Key, Dust Hood, and Operator’s Manual”


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