Ryobi Cordless Fogger Review

Ryobi Cordless Fogger Review

Review Summary-


  • Multi-purpose fogger, capable of spraying pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides
  • Runs on 18V ONE+ Battery platform
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Covers over 1000 sq ft per minute
  • 15 foot spray reach
  • .5 Gallon Tank capacity

The Bottom Line-

Ryobi created a tool that fills a major gap for a lot of homeowners with their Cordless Fogger. Whether you deal with pests, fungus or other nuisances, the Ryobi Cordless Fogger manages to help combat all of these in an easy to use tool. Compact, convenient and priced well is the Ryobi signature, and this is no exception.

-Sarah Listi
  Here in Texas, the single worst part about the warm weather virtually year-round, is that we also have pests like mosquitos as almost permanent residents. With the spread of dangerous viruses and diseases being more and more common via mosquitos, there is no room to take the problem lightly. Today we check out an interesting addition to the Ryobi lineup in the Ryobi Cordless Fogger Review.  

About the Tool

Ryobi Cordless Fogger Review

Pest control is serious business here in Texas. Patricularily in the summer months, you can find advertisements everywhere you look for companies guaranteeing you will be “bite-free”. There are two main issues- the first is cost, these treatments are incredibly pricey. The second is the relatively short period of effectiveness. It’s even more difficult to justify the cost, when odds are you won’t have lasting results.  

Standout Features

Ryobi Cordless Fogger Review

Ryobi Cordless Fogger Review Ryobi pairs their 18V battery platform with their Cordless Fogger, giving incredible versatility with the Ryobi ONE lineup of over 125 tools.   Ryobi Cordless Fogger Review The .5 gallon tank allows a solid capacity to cover a wide area, but keeps the tool light enough to remain portable. This Fogger is also multipurpose, allowing you to spray a variety of products such as pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. The easy fill spout keeps handling chemicals quick and easy.   Ryobi Cordless Fogger Review The Ryobi Fogger can propel particles 15 feet, allowing quick and effective atomization.   Ryobi Cordless Fogger Review Ryobi equipped this tool with an easy start, and is powerful enough to cover over a thousand feet in a minute. Ease of use is always a priority to Ryobi and this tool is a great example of that.  


Ryobi Cordless Fogger Review

Ryobi Cordless Fogger Review Ryobi is well known for manufacturing tools that are cost effective and this is no exception. You can purchase this tool from The Home Depot for $99.00 including a compact 2.0 battery and charger. For anyone who owns a home and struggles with pests, fungus etc, this tool is a very good value.    

My Thoughts

Ryobi Cordless Fogger Review

When we first purchased our home we knew that wooded property would bring about a slew of pests, but the severity of mosquitos in particular is a major problem. To the point that you couldn’t grab the mail without being swarmed by them, it was definitely something we have to treat. With their abundance lasting about 10 months of the year too, I was desperate to try anything to keep the mosquito population under control. Shortly after moving in, I purchased an industrial fogger, and it was nothing short of tedious and impossible to use. Outside of the hassle with gas, fumes, the weight, and initial expense, it just wasn’t worth the effort to set up and use. If there is one thing when it comes to dealing with pests, adding hassles to the mix makes it a much worse experience all around. Ryobi has always done a wonderful job thinking outside the box to provide tools that users both want and need. For me, this tool was a breath of fresh air, being both easy to use and effective. While we live on 3 acres, I choose to only treat the areas around my home, which the Ryobi does quickly and efficiently. All in all, Ryobi did an amazing job with their Cordless Fogger. It’s a tool that is easy to use, effective and is a great value. Definitely a tool worth checking out the next time you find yourself wandering the aisles of Home Depot.

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