DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

Review Summary-


  • Dual Mode Trigger
  • Tool Free Jam Clearance
  • Belt/ Rafter Hook


  • 8.8 lbs bare tool
  • Shoots 1-1/2 to 2-inch 9GA Fencing Staples

The Bottom Line-

DeWalt makes an incredible lineup of tools. Often their specialty tools are some of the most loved by devoted users, and the Cordless Fencing Stapler is an excellent example of that. With more than enough power to get the job done, and cordless convenience, DeWalt built a winner in this tool.

-Sarah Listi

Full Review-

DeWalt has spent a lot of time in recent years expanding its offerings to include more and more tools for specific tasks. Today, we look at a tool that is tailored for users in the agricultural arena, in the DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review.


About the Brand

DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

I am fairly certain that DeWalt is a brand most everyone has a story about. Whether you’re like me and you remember your dad using the yellow and black tools, or remember them from construction sites and tool stores, most everyone recognizes DeWalt tools. One of the signature aspects of their lineup is the diverse offerings and expansive battery collections, creating tools for virtually every user.

DeWalt is owned by the Tool World King, Stanley, Black, and Decker. With a diverse offering in their lineup, DeWalt is an excellent choice for users who need power, performance and have a wide range of needs to meet.


About the Tool

DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

Nailers of all kinds exist today. From small and precise pin nailers to larger gauge framing nailers as well as specialty nailers like roofing or siding nailers. As well, a wide variety of options to power these nailers is available too, from pneumatic, gas, hybrid and the ever-expanding cordless options too.

This option from DeWalt falls in the specialty category. While a variety of trades will find themselves in need of a tool like this, it is tailored to the agricultural field.


Standout Features

DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

DeWalt starts with a brushless motor on its 20V Max platform, designed for compact power and versatility.


DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

Tool-free mode selection, with both rapid-fire and sequential firing for versatility.

Depth Adjustments are simple and require no tools, DeWalt included three depth settings.


DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

DeWalt included a tool-free jam removal, while I didn’t experience any jamming, this is a must on nailers.


DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

Uses 9GA 1-1/2 to 2-inch staples.



DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

DeWalt prices their nailer as a bare tool for $599.00 at Acme Tools. The kitted tool at comes in at $799.00 which includes 2-5.0 batteries, a charger, and a tool bag and is available at Acme Tools. Given the application of these tools, users can easily justify the cost in terms of time savings and effectiveness.


My Thoughts

DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

DeWalt Fencing Nailer Review

As someone who owns several acres of Texas woods, fencing comes with the normal territory of repairs and maintenance I have to keep up with. In the time I’ve had this nailer, I’ve reached for it several times to repair fallen segments from storms and other natural causes. There is no real way to quantify just how convenient and easy those repairs are with this nailer, especially when compared to traditional measures. It makes quick work of sinking very large fasteners, something I was concerned wouldn’t be possible on a cordless platform. As well, the repairs have lasted much longer than other traditional methods. 

DeWalt did an exceptional job on this nailer overall. The ergonomics are quite similar to their Cordless Framing Nailer, a tool commonly used in small framing and punch list items in construction. There is a slight awkwardness to it initially, but when used it’s comfortable and well balanced. There is a lot of power behind this nailer, and you certainly feel it during use, but I never found the kickback too overpowering or uncomfortable.

I think DeWalt did a great job adding a tool that while geared towards a specialty user, will still offer considerable versatility to users of all kinds. I have a large fencing project coming up this spring, and I can tell you this will be a game-changer for me.


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