Bosch 6 Inch Sander Review


Review Summary-


  • Dual-Mode Design, both standard orbital and turbo mode
  • Turbo mode provides 3X the removal
  • Includes adaptors to fit a wide variety of hose sizes
  • Multihole pad allows users to use a wide variety of pads and abrasive discs without sacrificing dust collection
  • Dual-bearing mounted pad lessens vibrations
  • Aluminum gear housing
  • Auxillary handle can be mounted on both sides of the sander for user comfort
  • Sander provides constant speed for consistent performance.


  • 5 Amp motor
  • 6-inch pad size
  • No Load OPM of 3300 to 7300
  • 290-640 RPM
  • .18” or 5mm orbit pattern

The Bottom Line-

"There are very few tools that users are as passionate about as a good sander, myself included. The Bosch GET75-6 is an incredible hybrid of impressive performance while keeping the cost well below comparable models. I loved the previous model of this sander, and this update takes all the good and pushes it a step further. With increased performance, comfort and improved dust collection, the Bosch has all the ingredients as a top tool for me this year!”
-Sarah Listi

Bosch 6 Inch Sander Review

Full Review-

A good sander is key to any woodshop and with good reason. There is a lot to consider when looking for the right sander, and the classic Random Orbital is a great way to get a lot of your sanding needs to be met in one unit. This model from Bosch is so much more than a standard ROS, and may just be the top sander on the market for multi-purpose use. Read on in the Bosch 6 Inch Sander Review to find out more

About the Manufacturer


Bosch Power Tools has been around a really long time, with roots that date back over 100 years. A German company, Bosch has a massive worldwide presence and is well known as one of the best in terms of technology and their long history of producing high-quality power tools that professionals love for their long life and exceptional performance. Bosch Power Tools is only a small division under the Bosch umbrella, with everything from appliances to household systems and so much more.

 About the Tool

Bosch 6 inch Sander Review-

Bosch 6 Inch Sander Review

Sanders have a huge place in any shop, from simple 1/4-sheet sanders to Random Orbital Sanders, Belt Sanders, Delta Sanders, as well as a slew of others. Virtually every shop has a use for one or another at some point. And some, like myself, have numerous sanders that are all tailored to different applications.

When you get into higher-end woodworking, cabinetry, and the like, you will undoubtedly be faced with the question of how to boost efficiency while sanding. Today there are a slew of high-end sanders designed to do just that, get the job done faster and better. This Bosch model in particular truly holds its own against its competition, making it an interesting choice for users without breaking the bank.

Standout Features


Bosch 6 Inch Sander ReviewThe 7.5 Amp, 120 V motor provides significant power to the GET75-6. With a No-Load OPM of 3300 to 7300 and a speed range of 290-640 RPM’s, the Bosch sander is packed with power. 


Bosch 6 Inch Sander ReviewBosch starts this sander with a Dual-Mode Design, both standard orbital and turbo mode. 
The Turbo Mode provides 3 times the removal power by switching the sander to a direct-drive, eccentric orbit sander. 

Bosch 6 Inch Sander ReviewBosch used a dual-bearing mounted pad to lessen vibrations during use to increase comfort.

To prevent swirl marks, Bosch also included a pad-dampening braking system for improved finishing.


Bosch 6 Inch Sander ReviewThe 6-inch, multi-hole pad gives users a wide range of compatible sandpaper and abrasive discs and maintains exceptional dust collection. 


Bosch 6 Inch Sander ReviewBosch includes several accessories with the GET75-6, with 2 included vacuum hose adapters, the auxiliary handle, a removable pad guard to protect workpieces and a hex wrench for pad changes.


Bosch 6 Inch Sander ReviewBosch’s Auxillary Handle allows for better grip and control over the unit during use. It can be mounted on either side of the sander for versatility. It is secured by a hex bolt for an improved hold to the unit as well. 


Bosch 6 Inch Sander ReviewThe aluminum gear housing minimizes vibrations, while also providing incredible protection for longer tool life. 



Bosch came in strong with this sander, offering both a 5 and a 6-inch model. The 6-inch model comes in at $299.00 on Amazon, and the 5-inch, clocks in at $274.00. With its high performance and enhanced features, it is comparable to sanders with a much higher price tag, I think Bosch has an ace of value in this tool.

My Thoughts


Bosch 6 Inch Sander Review

Any woodworker will tell you, a sander is basically the bread and butter of the finishing process. No matter how much effort you’ve put into a piece, wrapping the build all comes down to getting the perfect sand to finish. When looking at sanders there are a plethora of price points and features, and it is easy to get lost in the search for the perfect sander.


Bosch 6 Inch Sander ReviewFor me, the Bosch DEVS1270 has been my sander of choice for a while now, and with good reason, it’s a solid unit and one that delivers big power. The GET75-6 is the improved version, while the core is the same, the features have been upgraded and improved to provide even better performance.

There are a few key features that separate this sander from others on the market. The Dual Drive motor provides both standard random orbit mode, and a direct drive mode, that provides an aggressive eccentric-orbit pattern, also known as the turbo mode. This is likely the biggest difference between this sander and others, is the ability to truly remove large amounts of material.

Bosch 6 Inch Sander ReviewThis sander, as well as the previous DEVS1270, has been commonly compared to the well-loved Festool Rotex, and in my experience provides all the performance of that model, at half the price. Bosch did an exceptional job reducing the overall vibrations during use, without losing the power and function of the sander. This was accomplished by the upgraded aluminum gear housing and adding a dual bearing mounted pad.  This is something most every user will appreciate as it provides better control and increased comfort, especially when using the sander in Turbo mode.

Dust Collection is also exceptional, of all the sanders I have owned and used, the Bosch provides the best overall dust pickup. The multi-hole pattern on the base also allows a wide variety of sanding pads as well as abrasive nets to be used with the sander without compromising the dust collection.


Bosch 6 Inch Sander ReviewThere is no question in my mind for professional users or active hobbyists, that this sander will provide the best balance of price and performance. Bosch did an excellent job with this sander and it is definitely one I will be using for years to come!


  1. I just bought this tool and the issue is sandpaper that has this hole pattern. The Festool makes it easy to cheaply stock up as Klingspor stocks 50 6″ disks for 33 bucks. The only place that had them was Amazon and I paid 68 bucks for 50 sheets in 10 small packs. At the very least places like Home Depot and Klingspor that sell the direct drive sander should have the sandpaper Bosh makes specifically for their tool. Ultimately if they want to get the respect of the group of people who would buy a direct drive $300 sander they would allow allow places like Klingspor to manufacture and sell their paper at a similar price as they do for the Festool. 10 orders from Amazon like my last one and I start paying more for my Bosh than if I had bought the festool.


    • I have ordered Klingspor for the Bosch with the right hole pattern, but yes, its hard to find! I honestly use a lot of mesh or net abrasives, which of courser keeps that side easy! I totally understand your point, great feedback for Bosch!

      • Maybe Bosch should offer different pads. That would easily solve the problem. I have taken aftermarket pads on other sanders and simply drilled the additional holes needed.

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