Bosch Bulldog Extractor Review

Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review

When I think of Bosch Tools, a few of my personal favorites come to mind. Their lasers, routers, 12V tools and the epic Bosch Freak all stick out as tools I have used and loved. The Bulldog Rotary Hammer is a tool often associated with Bosch, as a signature in their lineup. The newly launched model has been updated to include new features that bring legendary corded performance to a cordless platform. Let’s dive into the Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review and explore this updated, but classic Bosch tool.

First Look-

Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review

Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review Rotary Hammers are most commonly associated with Concrete work, but the reality is they can also be used in a variety of materials such as Steel, Wood and other challenging materials. Different Bits allow not only holes to be drilled, but also concrete demolition using specialized chisels. Another common use of a Rotary Hammer is assisting in tile removal using specialized chisels that allow for significantly less labor than traditional removal methods. In the coming months, you will see me use this tool this way a lot. I have several tiling projects that will be coming, including one removal job that will make any professional cringe, a layer of tile over 1/2 inch granite tiles. So, knowing what a Rotary Hammer can do, the question is, how does it do it? Rotary Hammers use two pistons, a drive piston and a flying piston that allow a Rotary Hammer to provide two basic functions. Both generating incredible impact force and allow for rotating motion. This combination of actions allow for superior removal of material and gives it the name, Rotary Hammer. It’s an impressive tool, often seen as an advanced tool that pros rely on for heavy-duty concrete work.  

A Little about the Brand-

Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review

Bosch is a German company and began in the 1880s. At this point, Bosch focused on mechanical and electrical functions, with the development of the first magnetic ignition, and later evolved this to include a spark plug. While Bosch is still involved in the automotive industry,  Bosch has grown into so much more now. Few companies can say they have rebounded from as many global crises such as wars, and economic downturns as Bosch has. Today, Bosch is a global brand, comprising of technology, appliances, software, medical devices, with the list continuing, but of course, power tools we know and love them for their power tools! Their tools are well regarded in the industry as professional grade tools that perform consistently and reliably. I have more than a handful of Bosch Power Tools and I can’t say enough good things about them. Without a doubt, they are a solid player in the global power tool market and one of my personal favorite manufacturers.  

Detailed Look-

Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review

Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review The Bosch Cordless Bulldog, Model GBH18V-26D is a 1- inch Rotary Hammer, that promises the same performance as the iconic corded Bosch Bulldog. Weighing in at 5.8 pounds, this tool remains lightweight and comfortable to use, while providing 1.9 FT-lbs of impact energy. Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review Bosch paired this with their 18V Battery Platform. Their CORE batteries are a special lineup, utilizing the most advanced features available in their batteries. From advanced 21700 Li-ion cells to innovative design advances, like CoolPack. This technology aims to keep those cells cooler using their which gives the user better performance, enhanced life, and runtime. Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review An EC-Brushless Motor is a favorite of mine, utilizing electronic controls to maximize efficiency, performance, and overall runtime. Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review There are three modes of use, Rotary Hammer, Hammer Only and Rotation Only to suit your application. Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review The variable speed trigger allows user control, in conjustction with a D-style handle allow comfort and maneuverability. Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review As well, Bosch included a switch to give the ability to operate in both forward and reverse when needed, something that enhances bit starting. Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review An adjustable auxiliary handle allow the user a customizable experience for ideal comfort and performance. Additional Kickback Control was integrated directly into Bosch’s Cordless Bulldog, enhancing safety in binding situations. Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review The Depth gauge is very easy to adjust and stays fixed for accurate drilling depth. Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review The 1-inch chuck is compatible with SDS-Plus Bits, a commonly found bit for convenience. I have always used the Bosch Bulldog Extreme SDS+ bits, and find their selection extensive.


Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review

For professional applications, the value of a good Rotary Hammer is hard to argue with. Concrete work is an incredibly labor-intensive industry, and a tool like this can significantly ease the physical demands needed. For professional users, the Bosch Cordless Bulldog is an investment well worth making. Rotary Hammers as a whole are not inexpensive tools, but for a Cordless Rotary Hammer, it is very competitive for professional grade tools. Bosch is always a brand I think prices their tools well. Combining high-quality performance with competitive value. When purchasing a tool like this, often times it is beneficial to buy in a kit. For me, this is absolutely the path I tend to go, as you will maximize the savings on batteries. Bosch offers several kits to combine the Bulldog with different size batteries and accessories to suit users of all kinds. As well, I have seen incentives for the free Bulldog Extractor with purchase, so always be on the lookout to maximize your investment. The GBH18V-26DN includes the Bulldog, auxiliary handle and depth gauge and retails for $219.00 at Acme Tools. The GBH18V-26DK24 includes the Bulldog, 2-8.0 Core Batteries, charger, auxiliary handle, depth gauge, and carrying case and retails for $449.00 at Acme Tools. The GBH18V-26DK15 includes the Bulldog, a 4.0Ah Battery Charger, Auxillary Handle, Depth Guage and Carrying Case. This Kit retails for $299.00 at Lowes. The GBH18V-26DK26GDE includes the Bulldog, 8.0 Battery, 4.0 Battery, the New Bulldog Dust Extractor, Charger, Auxilary Handle, Depth Gauge, Carrying Case. This kit was not available at online retailers at the time of publishing, but I will update when it is available.    

Wrap Up-

Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review

Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review Bosch is a well-rounded Professional Power Tool Manufacturer and there is no doubt that this tool is a classic example of what Bosch can produce. I am impressed with the overall ergonomics, with weight being well distributed throughout the tool. Even with the Core 8.0 Ah battery, the tool was light enough to use comfortably, but also solid enough to feel minimal vibrations. This balance is commonly difficult to get just right, but the Cordless Bulldog is a prime example of balance dialed in. Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review I tested this tool with a ½ inch Bosch Carbide Tipped Bit, a mainstay in the concrete world. Even under harsh demand, this Bulldog didn’t struggle. I also used a Bosch Chisel and was truly impressed at its ability to chip away concrete without any hesitation. Their Masonry Bits and Chisels are some of the most well regarded in the industry, and in my experience live up to their claims. Bosch Cordless Bulldog Review I am eager to share more about the pairing Bulldog Dust Extractor, so stay tuned for its Full Review soon. This addition not only created a safer user experience with this tool but greatly enhances the overall performance as well.  You can clearly see the holes drilled with the Extractor on and those with the extractor off. This photo is a prime example of the quality of Bosch’s Bulldog Bits, but as well of the ability to produce clean holes and eliminate dust. I think Bosch was genius to add the onboard HEPA extractor as a compliment to this tool. In today’s power tool world, there are very few manufacturers that can manage to take a power demanding tool and make it cordless without sacrificing power, Bosch is one of those few. I truly felt blown away by this tool and when you combine it with the Bulldog Extractor, the performance was kicked up another notch. If you find yourself considering a Rotary Hammer purchase, I would look no further than the Bosch Cordless Bulldog.

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