FLEX Mud Mixer Review

FLEX Mud Mixer Review

Review Summary-


  • 5 year warranty 
  • Brushless motor
  • 24V Battery 
  • 2 gear speeds
  • 3 speed modes
  •  Compatible with universal paddles


  • Tool Capacity: 1/2″ Chuck 
  • No-Load Speed 1st Gear: 0-210/325/530 RPM
  • No-Load Speed 2nd Gear: 0-320/490/780 RPM
  • Tool Weight 9.5 lbs 

The Bottom Line-

FLEX has come in strong with their new cordless tool lineup. One of the tools I was intrigued by was their Mud Mixer, and I wasn't disappointed! The FLEX Mud Mixer is powerful, quiet and comfortable; making tough jobs like concrete or mortar mixing a breeze. With such a strong first impression of the FLEX Tools, one thing is for sure, I can't wait to see what comes next!

-Sarah Listi

If you do much drywall, tile work, concrete or even spend a fair amount of time painting, you know the value a true mud mixer can offer in speed and efficiency. FLEX Tools has launched a fair amount of new cordless tools in their 24V Battery lineup, and one that instantly caught my attention was their Mud Mixer. How does this tool stack up? Let’s explore that in the FLEX Mud Mixer Review.


About the Tool

FLEX Mud Mixer Review


FLEX Mud Mixer Review

FLEX Power Tools has relaunched their cordless platform with big plans to take the professional power tool industry by storm. One of the key things to me in their ability to compete with manufacturers like Miwaukee or Bosch, is their ability to offer a solid lineup of staple tools as well as impressive specialty tools.

I like that FLEX launched their core first tools on the new lineup with all the staples you’d expect- Circular Saws, Reciprocating Saws, Drills and Impacts. But, I knew they were here to make a splash when they also included a few wild cards like this Mud Mixer or the Drywall Screw Gun in their initial launch. 


Standout Features

 FLEX Mud Mixer Review


FLEX Mud Mixer Review

Dual handle design allows users to center the tool and displaces the weight exceptionally which makes this traditionally uncomfortable tool, very comfortable to use.


FLEX Mud Mixer ReviewTwo Mechanical gears allow you to easily switch between low and high speeds as well as off.


FLEX Mud Mixer Review

Three speed modes allow you to alternate speed in addition to the high and low modes for ultimate user customization. Speed settings are written on the side of the tool above the gear switch. 


FLEX Mud Mixer Review

Tigger and speed selector are both fully enclosed, protecting the switches and internal components. Mixers aren’t “clean” tools, so this is a huge feature. 


FLEX Mud Mixer Review

½ inch keyed chuck provides exceptional grab of your attachments, and works with most universal paddles and mixing attachments.


FLEX Mud Mixer Review

FLEX provides a 5 year warranty on their tools and batterys providing exceptional protection on your investment.


Where to find it

FLEX Mud Mixer Review

You can find the FLEX Mud Mixer at Lowe’s for $199.00


My Thoughts

FLEX Mud Mixer Review

FLEX Mud Mixer Review
 FLEX did a phenomenal job right out of the gate with this Mud Mixer. These aren’t simple tools to manufacture and even more so, they are tough to get just right. I think it’s a great sign that they were aggressive enough to start the lineup’s revamp with this tool, and for me, it was a risk that really paid off.

To start- the FLEX Mud Mixer has a key feature that most may underestimate- the chuck! While I love a good quick release chuck on something like a drill or an impact, when youre working with mortar or cement, I will take a traditional keyed chuck anyday! Since this isn’t a tool you’re likely to be switching your attachments on often, the extra few seconds of set up save you a ton of hassle later with an ultra-strong grip on the mixer attachment. I do with there was integrated storage on the tool for convenience, but it’s a small gripe that most users probably wont find to be an issue.

I loved the ergonomics overall on this tool. Initially I expected more weight out of a tool like this, just based on historical use. As a smaller individual though, I found the lightweight design made actually using it incredibly comfortable. Often tools like this can either be overwhelmingly heavy and generally you will feel significant vibration transfer while in use. As well- the placement of the battery on the tool kept it very center balanced, something I often see brands struggle with when designing tools like this to go cordless. FLEX did a great job of marrying the power needed to tackle the toughest mixing jobs, with a really well appointed design.

I appreciate the handles comfort- the molding was placed well and offered some comfort without increasing slip. The simple speed switch allows the user to easily alternate between low, high or off.

I tested this tool using an 8Ah battery. While FLEX offers up to a 12Ah battery I still consider the 8Ah to be very powerful and it was well suited to the demands of this tool. Without a doubt, the battery technology of the FLEX Tools is something you can quickly appreciate, quick charging, internal cooling and a wide range of sizes certainly appeal to users. 

We will certainly take a look at some of the more traditional tools from FLEX in the coming months, but felt this Mixer was a really good start to the FLEX Lineup and one that really gives us a glimpse into the potential of the FLEX Lineup. So, for users looking to make a switch, have you looked at FLEX?



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