May Tool Favorites

May Tool Favorites

Rounding out another month here at Tool Girl’s Garage and a few things have changed in the last month. The heat has ramped up here in Texas, meaning spring has officially sprung, and it is hot. Not just warm, oh no, here in Texas it goes from 80 to 95 in the blink of an eye and just gets hotter over the next six months. I have made a slew of small things like cutting boards and coasters, and I’ve installed a lot of hardware and did some minor repairs and assembly too this month. I have a few really awesome tools I have been reaching for this month, so let’s dive in and see my May Tool Favorites.


May Tool Favorites - Freud Router Bits

Freud Router Bits

The Freud 26-Piece Artisan Router Bit Set has been a lifesaver in my shop. Freud designed this set to really meet the vast majority of your Routing needs, and with 1/4 inch shanks, pretty much every router will accept these. While you may have a need for the occasional bit not in this set, I will be honest that has been rare for me. I have excellent results with this kit, they generally require only one pass for precise and smooth finishing. I have yet to have any burning issues too, something I found commonly with other router bits.

When you look at Router Bits, it is astounding the vast range of price points you will find. In my experience, if there was ever a place in woodworking that you do not want to scrimp on quality, it is bits and blades. I always tell people if budget is a concern, spend slightly less on the tool itself and invest a bit more in the blade or bits. A brand like Freud or their subsidiary Diablo has a wide range of options to suit any budget and give incredible cut quality and life and are my go-to for tool accessories. You can find this set (item #92-100) on Amazon for $360.00, at the time of publishing. Usually, I see this set priced a bit higher, but if purchased separately, you would easily spend several times what you will in this kit. It is an investment, but I think its an investment you will quickly feel was worth it. 


May Tool Favorites - Bosch Router Table

Bosch Router Table

A Router Table is a game changer in the shop. You can significantly speed up a wide range of processes with a router table, and improve your end finish too. Joinery, Jointing, edge designs and so much more can be done in moments on a Router Table. There are a slew of options on the market, with a fair majority of them being quite a bit more expensive than this one. But, there is a reason you see this Router Table from Bosch in a host of woodworking shops all over, it’s just plain awesome.

Now that I have it paired with my Bosch 1617EVS Router I can make minute adjustments from above the table too, which enhances even more of its use for me. It’s the small conveniences like this that make your day to day functions so much easier. This table is feature rich, well designed and I love pretty much everything about this Router Table, especially the price. You can find this Router Table (Model #RA1181) on Amazon for $208.00

May Tool Favorites - EGO Multi-Head System

EGO Multi-Head System

Spring is definitely here in Texas. Dare I say, it will be one hot summer! But, with grass growing at its fastest, especially with mixes of bright sun and rain storms, I am spending some serious time maintaining the property. I have owned my EGO Multi-Head System for a little over a year, and I love it as much now as I did when I first got them. Plain and simple, they just work well. The run time is incredible compared to any other battery OPE I have tried, and after constant use, I haven’t run into any issues. I use all the attachments at different times, but my most used is definitely the Edger and String Trimmer. I have a few other EGO tools I love too, I mean their blower is hard to beat, but I definitely think the Multi-Head system deserves more love! The Starter Kit which includes the Power Head, String Trimmer and Edger Attachment, as well as a 5.0 Ah battery and charger, will run you $438.00 at The Home Depot. 


May Tool Favorites - Milwaukee 12V Impact Driver

Milwaukee 12V Impact Driver

Milwaukee is well known for their 12V Fuel Tools, and with good reason. They have a massive lineup available and cater to a wide range of tradesmen from electricians to plumbers and a lot of specialty tools available in the mix. What I think is often skipped over in their lineup though, is just the classic Impact Driver. I have the kit with the Drill, which gets a lot of use too, but this Impact Driver is my go-to. It has significant power for the small footprint and has incredible run time too. I appreciate the multiple modes and smooth operation. Overall, it’s just a great option for users of all kinds. I have several Impact Drivers in my shop, but this is the one I reach for over and over again. You can find this Milwaukee Set at The Home Depot for $199.00 which includes the Drill, Impact Driver, two batteries, charger, and a bag.

May Tool Favorites - Jet Lathe

Jet Lathe

There are very few tools I was as excited about owning as I was this Lathe. When I first got back into turning, I opted for a budget-friendly option that would allow me to see how I felt about the process in general. Once I got started, well it was hard to pull me away from it. I had been in the market for a Jointer and found someone selling a well maintained Powermatic and I jumped to purchase it. What was exciting though, is that he was also selling a Jet Lathe with a slew of extensions and accessories and I was able to snag it as well. This lathe is Model # JML-1014, and with the extension and chucks, I’ve opened a whole new world of woodturning. Even after years of use, this lathe is smooth and quiet and has been a great addition to my shop. Without a doubt, I can’t wait to see what this tool can do in the coming years! I see a lot of bowls, spindles, candlesticks and the like coming!



May Tool Favorites Conclusion

May was a bit of a chaotic month, but I still found time to knock out some small projects in the shop! June will prove to be extra busy, starting with a few events with some awesome brands. From Bosch in Houston, to Milwaukee Tools NPS in Milwaukee, to HILTI Innovation day in Dallas, stay tuned for some first looks of awesome new Tools. What did you guys work on this month? Have you used any of my May Favorite Tools?

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