New DeWalt Demo Tools

New DeWalt Demo Tools

DeWalt announced new additions to their hammer lineup that is sure to bring a whole lot of excitement to the demolition game. I use my DeWalt hammers daily and have never found anything negative about them. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this new announcement from DeWalt in the New DeWalt Demo Tools.


New DeWalt Demo Tools – Lineup


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Sledge Hammers-

DWHT56141- 2lb Fiberglass Drilling Sledge Hammer – $14.50

DWGT56142 – 3lb Fiberglass Drilling Sledge Hammer – $14.99

DWGT56143 – 2.5 lb Fiberglass Engineering Sledge Hammer – $15.99

DWHT56146 – 2.5 lb Fiberglass Blacksmith Sledge Hammer – $16.99

DWHT56147 – 4lb Fiberglass Blacksmith Sledge Hammer – $18.99

DWHT56148 – 4lb Fiberglass Engineering Sledge Hammer – $20.99

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Pry Bars-

DWHT55164 – 9” Precision Claw Bar – $10.99

DWHT55166 – 12” Precision Claw Bar – $17.99

DWHT55168 – 18” Precision Claw Bar – $22.99

DWHT55160 – 15” Spring Steel Flat Bar – $16.99

New DeWalt Demo Tools- Features

Six new Sledge Hammers will be launched in addition to four new Pry Bars.

The Sledge Hammers will focus on providing precise striking power using a steelhead. As well, they will feature a lightweight fiberglass handle, with rubberized grip for comfort.

The new Pry Bar options will feature both Precision and Flat Pry Bar options. The Precision Pry Bars will have sharpened claws for increased ability to pull nail heads, an I-Beam Steel Shaft, and remain strong and lightweight. The Flat Bars will be made of spring steel with a pointed end for nail pulling, as well as a flat end for enhanced leverage while prying.

New DeWalt Demo Tools – My Thoughts

I have loved the DeWalt hammers I own, both their Multipurpose and their Framing Hammer. I think they priced these new additions well and were sure to include meaningful and simple features that will perform when you need it most. Additionally, DeWalt is offering a lifetime warranty on these hammers, something buyers will appreciate when making their purchasing decisions. I am sure we will start seeing these new tools floating around soon and be able to put them to the test!


For More Information, head over to the DeWalt site for full details.


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