SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review

SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review

Review Summary-


  • Auto Lubricating 
  • Tool Less Tension Adjustment
  • Easy extending shaft 
  • Telescopic Head for precise trimming
  • Brushless Motor
  • IPX4 Rated 


  • 10 inch Bar and Chain
  • Tool weighs in at 10 pounds
  • 12 meters per second chain speed
  • 3/8- inch chain pitch

The Bottom Line-

SKIL has overall impressed me with their lineup of tool additions in recent years. Whether youre looking at their handheld power tools or their OPE line, you can tell a significant amount of thought went into each and every feature. The SKIL 40V Pole Saw is another great addition to their OPE lineup.

-Sarah Listi

Cordless Pole Saw? Yes! SKIL has made another new addition to their SKIL 40V OPE lineup with the launch of a Pole Saw to tackle your tree trimming needs that actually works on their 40V Battery Platform. Last fall, I introduced you to their Mower, and have also tried some of their other OPE and have been very impressed overall. So let’s take a closer look at this new offering in the SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review.


About the Tool

SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review

SKIL 40V Pole Saw ReviewHave trees? If you do, you’ve probably trimmed your trees a time or two, or paid a chunk of money to have it done professionally. For a long time you only had two options for trimming trees, heavy and very expensive gas powered Pole Saws, or manual pole saws that I have rarely ever had good luck using.

Pole Saws are some of the most important tools you can own to keep your property looking its best. It is well documented that frequent and proper trimming can improve the growth and appearance of your trees, but sadly it’s something that is often skipped. Thankfully, advances in battery power and motor technology in general has made tools like Pole Saws a viable option for every homeowner to own.


Standout Features

SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review

SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review

The SKIL 40 V Pole Saw runs on the SKIL 40V Battery platform and offers fast charging as well as a solid lineup of other SKIL OPE tools.

A digital brushless motor powers this tool, and offers lightweight and long lasting power over brushed motors.

SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review

Telescoping shaft is made of lightweight aluminum that allows easy positioning of the saw and can easily extend from 7.5 to 10 feet for versatility.

SKIL 40V Pole Saw ReviewSKIL also added an angled head, allowing for the best angle and leverage.

The 10-inch Bar and Chain is an excellent balance of cut capacity without adding too much weight, and maintains excellent user control.

Easily adjust the Chain tension with a tool free knob for quick and precise cutting.

SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review

Auto Lubrication ensures your tool is kept well lubricated by oiling the bar and chain from an onboard reservoir.


Where to find it

SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review 

You can find the SKIL 40V Pole Saw with a Battery and a 2.5 Ah Battery on Amazon for $199.00



My Thoughts

SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review 

SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review

The SKIL Pole Saw is quick to set up, requiring only a few minutes from box to use. I always appreciate simplicity in assembly as no one wants to waste half a day putting a tool together. Thankfully SKIL aced that aspect and kept the instructions and steps simple and to the point.

I have used a handful of Pole Saws both cordless and corded as well as gas models. While each have their pros and cons, I would say I reach for battery powered OPE most of the time these days as you truly can achieve phenomenal results without as much hassle. One of the biggest pros to a battery powered tools is convenience, but also when comparing them to gas, they’re quicker easier to use and significantly lighter and quieter as a whole.

SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review

Ergonomics on a tool like a pole saw can be the difference between a tool that works for you and a tool that just falls short. You want it light enough to be comfortable, especially when cutting higher limbs. But you also need it to have enough weight that it isn’t flimsy and reduces accuracy. SKIL did a killer job of balancing these two facets, something I often don’t see in cordless OPE, especially at the homeowner level.

The SKIL 40V Pole Saw did great as a whole while cutting too. It offered crisp and clean ends and resisted bogging down, even on fibrous trees. I like the angled head for positioning the saw for optimal cutting and the extendable shaft gives you incredible reach for trimming.

One of the most important maintenance issues on Pole Saws or likewise Chainsaws is properly lubricating the Bar and Chain. I get it for sure, it’s a step that’s easy to miss, but is truly the biggest key to a lasting tool and ideal cut quality. I love that SKIL included the automatic lubricating on this Pole Saw. Simply fill the small and monitor the oil level and you’re in good shape.

SKIL 40V Pole Saw Review

SKIL has had a lot of great OPE staples, making it a great choice for homeowners to step into battery powered tools without a massive investment. This model from SKIL is no exception- you get a solid amount of power and runtime to tackle your small to medium tree trimming tasks. The design is well thought out and has solid features that users can quickly appreciate.

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