SKIL Digital Level Review

SKIL Digital Level Review

Review Summary-


  • Back Lit display 
  • Blue Vials for higher accuracy and visual clarity
  • Screen auto-adjusts to the orientation it is being held for convenience 
  •  Up/Down indicators offer guidance to level your workpiece 
  • Audible tones available when 0/45/90 degree angles  are achieved
  • Magnetic edge allows level to bond to metal surfaces for hands free operation. 


  •  Item # LV941801
  •  12 inch length 
  • Display shows both inches and centimeters
  • Digital Accuracy to +/- .05 degrees at 0 and 90-degrees and +/- .2 Degrees at other angles

The Bottom Line-

Skil has done a fabulous job of taking the guess work out of reading a level. Weather a homeowner or a professional, digital levels are handy tools to have around, and you may be surprised at just how often you reach for them! SKIL brought a great level at a price point that is reasonable, with features that you'd expect on a much higher cost tool.

-Sarah Listi

Full Review-

For the homeowner, the pro, and everyone in between, digital levels are a must to include in your tool collection. Gone are the days of balancing the bubble, and in its place we have a new way to level, with digital interfaces and no guesswork we usher in a new period of efficient and quick level checks, no matter how big the job is. The SKIL brand stands out as offering a really premium product without the premium price. Let’s hop into the SKIL Digital Level Review and see what makes this tool such a must have to me! 

About the Tool

SKIL Digital Level Review 

SKIL Digital Level Review
Digital levels are easily one of the coolest tools to go digital in a long time. If you thought their cousins the LDM’s and Laser Levels were really useful, be prepared to be amazed, because a Digital Level may just take the cake in terms of practicality and overall usefulness. If you’ve ever battled with unclear bubbles on a level, or strange angle you’re trying to square up, glare, odd positioning, this takes a lot of the guess work out of it and is a definite game changer. 

Standout Features

SKIL Digital Level Review 

SKIL Digital Level ReviewDigital read out is clear and concise, with options to shift from degrees to measurements.

SKIL Digital Level Review

Up and down arrows appear on the side of the read out to guide the user in adjusting their workpiece to achieve level. 

Backlit display is bright and clear, allowing superior visibility in any lighting conditions. 

SKIL Digital Level ReviewRubber Bumpers add a level of durability and protection, something incredibly important in a level. 

SKIL Digital Level ReviewBlue vials increase visibility and with both horizontal and vertical vials on the level, its versatility is endless. 

SKIL Digital Level ReviewMeasurement displays on both sides, one inches and one centimeters allow you to quickly take measurements and mark spacing without the need of an additional tool. 

SKIL Digital Level Review
Easy to use controls and adjustments provide fool proof use and manipulation. 
SKIL Digital Level Review
Magnetic edge adds an additional layer of convenience to use the level one handed. 
SKIL Digital Level Review
Battery Changes from the back of the Level are simple, and require 3 AAA Batteries. 



SKIL Digital Level Review 

The SKIL Digital Level can be found on Amazon for $49.99 for the 12 inch model, and $75.83 for the 24 inch model. To me, this is really reasonable for what you get. With similar models priced at 2 or sometimes 3 times this price point, SKIL is a clear winner for solid value and a killer feature set. 

My Thoughts

SKIL Digital Level Review 

SKIL Digital Level Review

I have used the SKIL 12-inch Digital Level near constantly over the last 4 or 5 months that I have had it. From cabinetry to counters, to the barn door, drawer fronts etc, it has quickly become a tool I really rely on to get virtually every job done.

A few things I really like about this level specifically is obviously how easy it is to use. Without much effort you can easily operate the tool, something I always appreciate while in the middle of tedious jobs. I may like the tech advances in tools today, but I certainly don’t want the added frustration they are notorious for bringing and SKIL did a great job of bring the benefits of tech, without the hassle. 

SKIL Digital Level Review

SKIL designed a solid interface that allows for crystal clear visibility of the display. With a bright back light, the visibility is stellar which is extra handy in low light situations. I like how they offered the options to change the unit of measurement from angles to incremental measurements to precisely direct the user to correction based on their needs. 

I like that SKIL kept the power supply simple. Two AAA batteries power the Digital Level and has really exceptional lasting power as well. With near constant use, I have only switched the batteries once since I have owned it. The level will automatically turn off in 5 minutes of no use, something I would say definitely makes a difference.

SKIL Digital Level Review

SKIL also did a great job of making this Level durable. Despite being dropped more than a couple of times, the level never lost its accuracy or suffered any damage. Bumpers aren’t a new addition to levels by any means, but they are definitely not all created equal. SKIL clearly understood the need to design bumpers to absorb the shock and abuse levels will often take.

SKIL always manages to surprise me with their tools. The tech, the small features and the overall price point all stand out as really big pluses to their lineup as a whole, and this Digital Level is no exception. 


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